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No Man's Sky promised gamers forays into colorful, distant and plentiful worlds, where the craziest creatures and flora reside in atmospheres deemed too dangerous for our fleshy and finite bodies and minds. And, for the most part, the game wholeheartedly succeeded. Despite Hello Games promising us a wealth of other goodies that... well... who really knows if we will get base building, an actual worthwhile ending and so. Much. More.

But as disappointed and vitriolic as gamers may be over the supposed hyperbole spouted by Sean Murray 'n co., you have to admit that No Man's Sky was a damn good idea on paper, and will usher in a whole new wave of seriously inventive, original titles that will revolutionize the industry until the next iteration of Battlefield comes out. Maybe it'll even inspire a new wave of scientists, too!

Until then we have indie developers bringing the heart and idiosyncrasies to the industry, and this No Man's Sky-esque title I'm about to introduce to you highlights this with aggressive aplomb.

Imagine if No Man's Sky were a Nintendo title. I know right, I just wet myself a little too! But instead of starring a faceless interstellar pioneer and a suit AI that refuses to close its f**king mouth for a few seconds, imagine it starred Super Mario. I guess that's what a handful of Australian developers thought when they created 'No Mario's Sky' in a mere 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 36 game jam.

No Mario's Sky

Described by developers Alex Mc, Max Cahill, Ben Porter and Sam Izzo, who came together like Voltron to form the mighty ASMB games, as...

Featuring 1000s of Goombas, An Infinite Universe, Muscle Toad, "Original" Music, "Faithful" Physics, Social Commentary about Interplanetary Colonialism, and a Radical Space Ship; No Mario's Sky is the hackneyed remake-gone-mashup you've been craving.

'No Mario's Sky' is a classically styled, side-scrolling platformer that switches up the action by chucking in a spacecraft for good measure, and blasts our mustachioed hero through the stars in the name of adventure, science and violence against interstellar goombas.

Every planet is distinct from the last and comes in the pixelated blocks of our gaming youth, and will come complete with enough action to make No Man's Sky crumble in on itself.

This game is fun, lots and lots of fun, but a little bit buggy in places. Which renders it a very modern homage to two great titles. But it was made in 72 hours, so easy on the death threats, huh?

This got me thinking: How awesome would a few other games be with a couple of No Man's Sky's tricks under their sleeves?

Games like –

No League's Rockets

I made myself giggle with this one. Rocket League is hard enough (I am stupendously bad at this game), but with No Man's Sky's piloting system in place, it would render this super fun game 1000x times more vexing. I mean really vexing, like I fancy using my TV as a trampoline right now levels of "nope".

No Souls Alive

Everything will be out to get you in FromSoftware's Sky. Sentient and toothy asteroids would chase you around space, trying to extinguish your swag, whilst the game's permadeath system and no scanning feature will have you landing on a planet populated with Ornsteins and Smoughs no problem. I've just pissed myself off with the idea of this game. BAD JOKE, BAD JOKE!

No Mario's Kart

Actually, you know what? I'd pay obscene amounts of money for this crossover. Mario Kart in space... Wouldn't you?!

What do you think?

Would you play any of these games?

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