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With North Korean missiles sailing haphazardly over Japanese territory, and Pyongyang threatening to strike the American Pacific island of Guam next, DPRK citizens are preparing for WW3 by getting in a little target practice.

NK News has reported that a new video game called 'Hunting Yankee' has become popular with those in the country fortunate enough to have access to modern entertainment. Although no gameplay footage has escaped the totalitarian state, the government-run media outlet Arirang Meari describes the game as follows:

“The 3-D amusement entertainment programme ‘Hunting Yankee’ is a fighting game of shooting and knocking down Yankees with a sniper gun… behind enemy lines.”

So basically Silent Scope with added propaganda.

On the other side of the coin, Western-developed '3-D amusement entertainment programmes' have occasionally placed Koreans in their red-dot sights. 2011's Homefront imagines a reunited Korea as a dominant global superpower that comes to occupy the US mainland. Hopefully 'Hunting Hankee' has a more compelling single-player campaign.

Wait, There's A North Korean Video Game Industry?

[Credit: Saša Petricic, CBC]
[Credit: Saša Petricic, CBC]

While electronic entertainment isn't nearly as prolific as it is south of the Demilitarized Zone, the North Korean Advanced Techology Research Institute apparently released three games in August. They are 'Confrontation war,' in which you attack submarines using nuclear depth charges, 'Guardian,' which has players controlling rocket launchers and cannons, and 'Goguryeo battlefield,' a historical game that takes place in Ancient Korea.

The country has even spawned its own FIFA clone titled 'Soccer Fierce Battle.' The most bizarre thing about it is that it's listed as a virtual reality game. Where's the VR support for Madden, EA?

But my all-time favourite North Korean video game, based on its name alone, is (take a breath) 'George Bush and Shinzo Abe and that other Asian guy again: Fly Swatter Ultimate Death Squish of Lies and timid skull structures in Bloody Bucket Overcast Afternoon.'

You can play that one here, if you're so inclined.

Are there any upcoming NK game releases on your radar?

(Source: NKNews)


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