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I love heading over to the subreddit. It's a space filled with positivity, honest longing, comedy and, most importantly, hope. Some people may say that the dreamers over there are misguided, I'd say... aren't we all to some extent? That's exactly why I'm getting severely warm under the collar over a fresh set of rumors that have recently exploded on the feverishly F5'd subreddit.

The latest rumors surrounding the NX, of which there are many, come from an unknown source apparently hailing from a "very large retailer", and have shed some well needed light on what we should expect to get sweaty over when the NX goes on sale and Nintendo begin to market the device.

So, salt shakers at the ready and prepare to dive aboard the hype train:


  • Apparently all posters will have the phrase "Interact with your game on the go." emblazoned on them, which obviously hints at the device's portability...
  • The posters all come with heavy Mario branding which hints at a possible Super Mario shaped launch title...
  • The console will launch with at least four titles...
  • Stores should be getting their paws on demo units in February...
  • And the price for the base model should come in at $299!


Phwoar, what a bundle
Phwoar, what a bundle

No Nintendo console would be complete without a bundle of some sort, and while there is no news surrounding what will be in the bundle, the verified leaker of leaks has stated that the bundle will come in $100 more expensive than the base price – $399.

Does that mean the NX will come bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Or will Nintendo pull a cheeky one and sell the docking unit used to connect the NX to your TV separately?


NX's packaging will be similar to the Wii U's
NX's packaging will be similar to the Wii U's
  • The NX's packaging will be slightly larger than that of the Wii U's...
  • The packaging is relatively minimalist in comparison with Wii U and will be blue and white...
  • The packaging reads NX, which will hopefully stick as the device's designation, and images of the console on the box were redacted...

Features and Specs

All the carts
All the carts
  • Games will indeed be on cartridges...
  • NX will be able to stream 4K video (Ultra HD Netflix FTW)...
  • The docked console will be able to run games at 1080p/60fps, and the portable device will run at 900p.

So there we have it. A whole bunch of new NX rumors for us to cogitate on, rant about or just totally ignore. But as ever, gamer, take this with a big ol' bucket of salt! None of this is legit until the big N says it is. I just wish they would bloody well hurry up with it! I'm thirsty...

What do you think?

Reckon any of this is legit?

[Source - Reddit]


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