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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Boy, if you're anywhere as big a Nintendo fan as I am, then you would have reached a level of thirst for the NX the likes have never been seen. Or felt. I mean when I cough I see dust. When I blink, it sounds like sandpaper over walls. I'm dehydrated, guys. I needs me some NX!

Which is why every time a new NX shaped rumor nugget drops, I jones just that little bit harder. And today's fresh batch of jitters comes courtesy of NeoGAF who have dug up a patent that suggests the big N may have just gone and created groundbreaking projector technology. Yes you did read that correctly.

Will The NX Have An In-Built Projector?

As much as I made myself laugh in disbelief after writing the above sub-heading, word is Ninty have figured out tech that allows an image to be projected onto any type of surface, including uneven ones.


Though this isn't new news as earlier in the year reports surrounding the NX implementing some kind of projection tech started to appear. Alleging the NX's controller to be able to detect three-dimensional movement and be some sort of imaging device also reared its head, as well as a rumor Nintendo were cooking up a sleep aid that would gameify your sleeping pattern and project the points from your slumber onto the ceiling above.


Whether or not this will actually come to pass is anyone's guess, but if Nintendo are planning on NX being a hybrid of handheld and home console, the inclusion of a projector would be the most insane and badass idea. You could literally game anywhere with the thing. Anywhere, guys. Anywhere.

The Thirst Escalates

We'll have to wait and see whether this rumor will hit the ground running, but, irrespective of it, the NX has people riled up. And for all the right reasons. I mean heading over to the NX's subreddit results in some of the funniest and honestly worrying breakdowns over Nintendo's silence regarding the future of their company.

Like, look at these examples:

shaan8177 has thrown together this sensational graph detailing exactly when the NX may be revealed...

WumboActivate's meme game is on point...

immallama worries for the subreddit's sanity...

ticketbutt uses It's Always Sunny In Philly to perfectly describe the thirst...

andreaskhalid questions Reggie Fils-Aime's time keeping skills...

Come on.. It's time to reveal the NX! Or what do you think, Reggie?
Come on.. It's time to reveal the NX! Or what do you think, Reggie?

And, according to jairom's prime giffin' skills, Reggie is tired of your questions...

"So, like, should we release some new-"
"So, like, should we release some new-"

Projectors, hybrid consoles, groundbreaking vibration tech... what are you cooking up in that lab, Nintendo? Please, please let us know soon. Like... tomorrow?

[Source: NeoGAF]


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