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Ah the NX. The fabled console that's supposedly set to blow the gaming world apart with its innovation. Plenty of information has come our way via various leaks about the NX, but Nintendo have yet to reveal anything concrete, aside from the fact that we can play the spectacular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on it. But that hasn't stopped the big N from getting ready to sell it — or give it away, rather.

Like Splatoon? Want An NX? Check This

Nintendo is gearing up to host a tournament for their hottest new IP, Splatoon. Winner of Best Shooter in 2015, this paintastic take on a third-person shooter was quickly welcomed by fans and critics alike. But fun-time is over. Now the real games begin.

Jointly run by Nintendo and eSports giant ESL, the ESL Go4Splatoon tournament will consist of a six-month season of matches, ending in March, before a final next year. The team that wins this grand final will walk away with the grandest of grand prizes: an NX. Hopefully that extends to everyone on the team, I imagine sharing that thing around would be...interesting.

So what do you think? You good enough at Splatoon to try it out? The first matches will take place this Sunday at 4pm, with weekly winners earning points towards entry into a monthly final. You can register for the competitions right here.

What Would You Do For An NX?

NX concept imagery, courtesy of Eurogamer
NX concept imagery, courtesy of Eurogamer

You know, it's funny. Here's Nintendo already getting ready to hand out free NX consoles when they have yet to actually reveal the damn console! This thing is supposed to release in March of next year, but the big N continues to lead us on.

Nintendo: "We have a Nintendo Direct coming up!"

Audible gasp from the whole world!

Nintendo: "It's for the 3DS."

Whole World: "But...why do you do this to us?"

Nintendo, show us what your console looks like. Tell us what it does. We've been waiting for ages! We want to see you succeed after the Wii U, but the future of your company is coming out in like 6 months and we still have no idea what it's going to do!! Cut the crap. Show us the NX. Please and thank you.

Are you good enough at Splatoon?


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