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I don't need anyone else. I have Uroboros!
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The kind people at Red Barrels thought of everything in preparation for the release of the next installment in the Outlast series—including our pants. Sadly, despite all of the initial support for the idea—CA$21,557 of support, to be exact—it doesn't appear that we the fans cared enough about our pants to make the "Underscares" a reality.

Turns Out We Would Rather Destroy Our Own Pants Than Wear Red Barrels' Outlast 2 Diaper

The Kickstarter page as it appears today.
The Kickstarter page as it appears today.

As of December 9th, the Kickstarter goal of CA$40,000 was missed by nearly half. Backers all over the world woke up to disappointment that day as the Red Barrels Studio sent out a final update:

Thank you!

The Underscares Kickstarter has come to an end and while we didn’t reach our goal we did have a lot of fun along the way. After all, who doesn’t love a good poop joke?

We’d like to give a special thank you to all 286 of you that became Underscare backers over the past 20 days and took an active role in trying to bring our absorbent dream to life. You’re all awesome.

And a shoutout to those of you that couldn’t back us here on Kickstarter but spread the word through your hilarious tweets, messages, comments and shares over the past 3 weeks.

The Red Barrels Team

Touching, right? Even with the campaign behind us though, there are still so many questions. For example, what were they thinking? Even if collectively s***ting in our pants is the great unifier we've been waiting for, the question of whether or not that is truly enough remains. What's a sturdy diaper going to do if what you're really going to lose while playing is your mind. If you really want to help us, Red Barrel, design some "mind diapers" and try again.

If you were quick enough, you've already seen what's in store for us in the new game. But if you weren't able to get your hands on the demo, well, don't worry. We have a lot of time to train ourselves out of the evolutionary impulse to defecate when scared before it's time to return to the universe—Outlast 2 is due for release in Spring 2017.

How do you think you'll fare without this extra layer of protection come gametime?

[Credit: Red Barrels Studios]
[Credit: Red Barrels Studios]


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