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Blizzard is making a big push to get its Overwatch sales up.

In conjunction with their worldwide free to play weekend that they announced a week ago, has now put Overwatch on an early Black Friday sale, selling the game for $35 (down from $60) through a number of retailers such as the ever-popular Amazon or Best Buy. The sales are for all three versions of the game (PC, Xbox One, or PS4).


Best Buy:

The two events happening simultaneously should be a dream if you've been on the fence about buying Overwatch. You can try the game for free all weekend, enjoy the game play, loot boxes, and all the different game modes, and if you like the game, buy it for a heavily discounted price.

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However, the Best Buy sale is going on for today only, November 18, and no one is really certain how long the Amazon deal will go for. So if you want to try out Overwatch for free before figuring out if you want to buy it for cheap, make sure to play tonight to figure it out!


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