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This is a hard one. Blizzard has ensured that Overwatch is populated with an eclectic array of characters both in terms of appearance and gameplay. Everyone contributes to the intense pace of combat and each has their own advantage on all of Overwatch's maps.

None the less, we thought it would be a fun undertaking to rank all of gaming's newest characters in an attempt to give you some insight into which ones you really shouldn't overlook. Note that this is my own personal list; Overwatch is a video game that caters to so many different play-styles and gamers. Therefore my views may not coincide with your own. However, I'll try to have as impartial a view as possible as I examine all of these 21 unique creations.

Now Loading Ranks All Of Overwatch's Characters

First off, I'll rank all of the characters within their own classes, then we'll get to the overall list. Number one is on top, then it goes down accordingly.


  • Genji - With tremendous agility, two different ways of launching shurikens, the ability to block all incoming fire with his sword and a badass super that allows you to slice through his enemies, Genji's offensive capabilities have earned him the top spot.
  • Soldier: 76 - The perfect entry-point for any fan of first-person shooters, Soldier: 76 has the unique ability to run at all times, fire some helix rockets at his enemies and even drop a health pack that heals himself and those around him. He's a formidable offensive opponent that can take you down without having to aim once his Ultimate kicks in.
  • Pharah - Justice really does rain from above and Pharah's ability to take control from the skies give her a serious advantage over most other characters in the game. She also fires rockets at all times. A great character and an awesome offensive choice.
  • Reaper - Reaper doesn't have the best of reach, but get him close to his opponents and he can be one of the most lethal in the game. His abilities to become impervious to damage or teleport across the map allow experienced players to sneak up on their opponents and deliver massive damage. That Ultimate is a pain in the ass.
  • Tracer - A skirmisher (and my favorite character) Tracer is someone that can't really attack her opponents head on. She's best left for irritating the opposing team, zipping in and out of rooms and attempting to confuse opponents while making them drop their guard. She can also completely heal herself if she activates Blink in a bad situation and her sticky bomb is perfect for taking out larger enemies.
  • McCree - This old-western badass used to be one of the most devastating characters in the game with his revolver reaching distances that only snipers could match. But he's been nerfed and while still a formidable character up close, one with a powerful Ultimate, McCree doesn't have the same impact as these other characters for me.


  • Mei - Secretly the most devastating character in the game, Mei is someone that can cause havoc in Overwatch. With her ability to freeze her opponents, shoot concentrated icicles at them, heal herself within an impenetrable ice block and erect an ice wall to shield herself and her team, this is one woman you do not want to mess with.
  • Bastion - Known for his ability to singlehandedly annihilate an entire team, Bastion is a walking tank. He can transform into an immobile turret that deals an absurd amount of damage on anyone that walks within his sights. His Ultimate then sees him transform into a tank, roam around the battlefield and destroy anything within range.
  • Torbjörn - Torbjörn and his turrets are something that I think almost every team needs. In the right hands, this dwarf can make life miserable for advancing enemies, even if he's pathetically easy to kill. A perfectly placed turret is enough to deal an intense amount of damage on foes, and an upgraded one is something to really worry about.
  • Hanzo - In the right hands, the master of the bow is someone you don't want to mess with. Hanzo has great agility and mobility. With the ability to scale walls, launch devastating headshots and unleash the most beautiful and recognizable Ultimate in the game, he's an impressive defender.
  • Widowmaker - Sniping isn't exactly my bag, but there are so many that appreciate Widowmaker's abilities. I can't blame them either; with a powerful charging shot, the ability to use a grapple hook to scale walls and a helpful Ultimate, she's one of the favorites in Overwatch.
  • Junkrat - This mad man has the unique ability to bombard his enemies with a grenade launcher, set traps to confine players to a single spot for a few seconds and unleash a spiked-wheel of death. Can be difficult to get a hand of, but with the right person behind the controls, he's an ass.


  • Roadhog - A favorite amongst Overwatch fans, Roadhog is one mean son of a bitch. With a devastating shotgun at close range, the ability to pull targets towards him at great distances, heal himself and unleash a barrage of shrapnel that knocks back enemies as an Ultimate, it's no wonder people like him.
  • Reinhardt - One of the easiest characters to take control of in Overwatch, Reinhardt is a fantastic addition to any team. With an enormous shield barrier erected in front of him, he can slowly allow his team to progress as they shoot through his shield in safety. He takes care of everyone, and we love this German giant for it.
  • D. Va - Hidden within her mech suit, D. Va is a character that I've seen kill so many of my team mates. She can launch through the map at top speed, cause her mech suit to explode killing everyone around it, and once the mech suit goes down she can get out and keep fighting. A great character indeed.
  • Zarya - Very hard to master, Zarya is a powerful and rewarding character to control. She has the ability to erect a personal shield for a few seconds, an ability that takes enemy damage and converts it into her own and a gravity bomb that sucks in everything around it.
  • Winston - Considered by some as the face of Overwatch, Winston is one mean gorilla that electrocutes his opponents with his Tesla Cannon. But don't let that smile fool you, this ape can go berserk. His Ultimate, which sees him transform with rage, significantly boosts his health while strengthening his melee attack, making him a very difficult target to kill.


  • Mercy - One of the easiest characters to get a hold of, Mercy is one of the best support characters out there. She can increase the damage that her teammates unleash, she can heal them and fly across the map to save them, and her Ultimate evens sees deceased partners return to life. Awesome.
  • Lúcio - He doesn't have a great deal of health at his disposal, his weapon projectiles are rather wobbly, but his sheer versatility, flexibility and ability to sustain his teammates and rush them back into action makes him a top tier pick for any team. We reckon it'll take a hard nerf from Blizzard to budge this character our of Tier 1 any time soon.
  • Symmetra - It takes skilled hands to shine with this hero. She's got a fantastic buffing ability in the form of Photon Shield, her Teleporter skill can be used to get fallen comrades back into battle incredibly quickly, and those turrets can do a mean job of nibbling away at the enemy team's health. But her own low health makes her an easy target.
  • Zenyatta - If playing with friends, Zenyatta can be a great asset to any team; his buffs and debuffs are of great help. But if you're just enjoying random matchmaking, this character is hard to master what with his low health and wobbly aim.

Everybody, Ranked

You may see characters out of order from what you've seen above, but this is my own personal opinion on how characters contribute to the matches that I've played over the countless hours I've had with Overwatch. Some of them perform really well outside of their own roles and can be an asset to any team. Let me know what you think:

1. Genji

2. Mei

3. Reinhardt

4. Lúcio

5. Soldier: 76

6. Pharah

7. Bastion

8. Mercy

9. Roadhog

10. Widowmaker

11. D. Va

12. Tracer

13. Reaper

14. Winston

15. Hanzo

16. Torbjörn

17. McCree

18. Zarya

19. Junkrat

20. Symmetra

21. Zenyatta

What's your list for Overwatch's best characters?


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