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can bring us together in very unique ways, and the various gaming conventions throughout the world are spaces where we as gamers can celebrate our love for the medium with likeminded people. But, at least in my experience, you never attend a Con with the notion that you'll meet the Tracer of your dreams.

But it seems like this guy may have done just that.

Overwatch Fans Band Together To Help Gamer Find His Tracer

The Overwatch fan community were not only celebrating the reveal of Sombra (and her awesome boop gif) over the weekend, but also the story of a gamer and his connection with a cosplayer. TheBushidoViking wrote a post on the subreddit just after attending BlizzCon in Anaheim, California, where he described running into a Tracer cosplayer that he really connected with:

This is a long shot but if you were a tracer and were at IHOP in Anaheim tonight (November 5th, the last day of blizzcon) and I told you and your friend group the story of my friend and his love of dabbing and thus you told me of the genji dab in overwatch and we exchanged faces outside of the IHOP I forgot to ask for your number!

Oh no! It seems that the young gentleman was captivated by this cosplayer and was kicking himself because he failed to keep in contact. His friends then encouraged him to post about the chance meeting online in the hopes that someone may be able to reconnect them, or that she would see it herself. The post blew up.

I never expected it to get this big. I just thought she was really cute.

Will they find one another?!
Will they find one another?!

Once a conversation was started on reddit, where people asked TheBushidoViking about his intentions and to elaborate on the tale, the redditor revealed his identity. His name is Kyle.

In his chat with redditors, Kyle wanted to make it clear that he's not obsessed with this cosplayer, but that he simply thought of using the internet as a resource "to possibly talk to someone who seemed like a lot of fun." He went on to say that he:

never thought people would find this sweet to any degree so I appreciate all of you wonderful people. I'm just glad I could bring smiles to faces. As I said before life is far to short for negative energy.

Indeed it is, sir. He then posted a hashtag——in an effort to streamline the process of searching for her and contain the viral attention the story was generating. Kyle's tale sent waves of love through the Overwatch community, with numerous responses acknowledging the awesome nature of it all!

However, not everyone was willing to see the story in the same light.

While some have opted to see the romantic side of HelpKyleFindTracer, others have opted to see it as a rather creepy and strange venture on Kyle's part and all those pushing for the search.

And then, of course, there's been a backlash to the backlash:

The situation became so insurmountable that Kyle himself actually took to his Twitch channel to explain the whole thing and contain the madness:

It's easy to see both sides of this story. The romantic element reminds us of the kind of narratives Hollywood churns out on a yearly basis, and we have to admit that if the Tracer in question were to get in contact with Kyle because of the story's viral attention and a relationship formed, that'd be pretty awesome!

But it's hard not to see how this particular search could be abused by certain individuals. So we ask you, dear readers...

Where do you stand on the HelpKyleFindTracer story?

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