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Dana Lynne Abeln

The Chinese zodiac Year of the Rooster event launched last week, so in celebration we here at Now Loading are hosting our own little contest!

All week we've been presenting daily events that give you the opportunity to win 5 loot boxes via Yep, each day we'll be choosing one winner, and on Friday one grand winner who will win a total of 24 loot boxes!

Every day you participate, your name will be put into the raffle for the opportunity to win the grand prize, so be sure to check in on the regular to get in on the action.

How Do I Participate?

Head to one of the following outlets daily to hear us announce each competition:

To stand a chance of winning, simply follow the prompt for that day's competition.

Today's Competition

We're upping the ante by making it a little more difficult. Today you have to create your own Overwatch character short (you can even create your own character) and post it here. Make sure to tag the post in to qualify. Not sure what a character short is? Here's a compilation:

A winner will be chosen tomorrow at 12 p.m. PST, along with the announcement for tomorrow's competition.

Yesterday's Winner!

Yesterday we had a lot of impressive entries, but there can be only one. And the winner is Alex Fernandez, with his amazingly detailed article, "Here's How To Get The Most Out Of Tank Character Roadhog In Blizzard's 'Overwatch.'" Congratulations, Alex!


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