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Cheating can be rife in online games nowadays, especially one so popular as Overwatch. However, recently, two opposing teams decided to do something about it.

user SixZoSeven was playing competitive mode in 's Overwatch when they noticed a suspicious individual popping up repeatedly in matches. Players on both teams had watched the activity in matches throughout the morning and opposing teams could see very suspicious kill replays.

Both Overwatch teams playing around.
Both Overwatch teams playing around.

Stakes are high in ranked games, so no one took kindly to a malicious individual benefiting from cheating with auto-aiming bots rather than skill. The final straw was when the cheater ended up on SixZoSeven's team, called out by both teams who were fed up with it.

Both teams then decided to do something about it, forfeiting personal glory in order to dole out justice and ensure the cheater wouldn't profit. Since a draw was the fairest way everyone (but the cheater) could come out of the match, the players ran around causing a ruckus and disrupting the cheater as best they could by refusing to capture points and avoiding kills.

Friendship for everyone in SixZoSeven's match.
Friendship for everyone in SixZoSeven's match.

They succeeded in staying alive and preventing the cheater from capturing the points himself by using Widowmaker from behind Reinhardt's shield or D.Va's Defense Matrix. He caught on to their shenanigans and switched to setting up Torbjörn turrets, which had little effect. Eventually the match ended with a draw and the players went on to report the cheater and attempt to get into legitimate matches once again. Blizzard has been taking a harder stance in response to cheating, so hopefully this cheater will get their just rewards.

SixZoSeven, however, offered up an important lesson from this temporary setback.

"The takeaway here isn't so much that cheaters exist, but the fact that we as players can take steps to mitigate the damage they cause. After all, Overwatch is, without a doubt, a game of teamwork!"

Have you ever dealt with toxic players in creative ways?


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