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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
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Two of my favorite things in life right now, combined. With an absolute infatuation with Blizzard's Overwatch seeing me obsessed like never before, and Game of Thrones handing out mind-boggling episodes like candy, it's kind of the perfect time to be a nerd. YouTuber Node clearly agrees. He's got Overwatch on his mind and has handed out Play of the Game to a few Game of Thrones characters in a manner that everyone can actually agree with. Spoilers ahead, friends.

Game of Thrones + Overwatch = Perfection

Tears. The names of the characters, the fact he's only handing out 60 damage, the perfect character highlight intro. Seriously, I love this so much. Even though Blizzard's Play of the Game system clearly needs work, this is one that I would applaud all the way to the end. I'd even upvote him!

But Node makes a great case for Little Finger with yet another Play of the Game:

That accent. How different would Game of Thrones be if Little Finger actually had the voice of Tracer? It would be equally as bizarre as how he talks now when you think about it...

But yeah, all those Bolton eliminations. Man, what a great episode.

YouTuber Valentin Bruhière has also joined in on the fun and brought us a glimpse of Leeroy Jenkins' foray into the world of GoT. Turns out he's just as funny here.

What did you make of the latest Game of Thrones episode?


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