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In , Genji is a badass cyber ninja who wields the 'Dragon Blade', a super-powered odachi sword, during his devastating close-range special moves. This already clocks in pretty high on the awesome scale, but one creative gamer has found a way to add that extra level of immersion that really makes you feel like a ninja in your bedroom.

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There Can Only Be One

That dashing swordsman in the upper right corner is Louis, a 24-year-old game developer in Texas, who recently embraced the way of the warrior by rigging a custom sword-shaped Wiimote to control Genji’s sword in Overwatch. From the looks of it, if Louis is going to live by the sword, he'll live a good long time.

The Riddle of Steel

So how does one forge oneself a mighty blade of comparable power? Well, Louis started by connecting his Wiimote to his PC using Bluetooth. Then, he used Touchmote, a program that lets him use his Wiimote like a PC mouse. In an interview with Kotaku, Louis credits “a little computer science magic (and extra help from the JoytoKey app)” with helping him turn the Wiimote into the Dragon Blade.

Louis controls Genji with a combination of thrust, slash, and nunchuck-style twirling, as well as the buttons on the Wii. Actually slashing with the Wiisword definitely adds an extra level of excitement to unleashing Genji's ultimate compared to a simple tap of 'Q'.

An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age

Overwatch is no stranger to unusual controller setups. We've already covered how streamer Rudeism, after playing Wiston with a set of bananas, set up a nerf bow to play as Hanzo, and we joked that he'd end up playing Genji with a katana. But it looks like Louis was quicker on the draw. Now that Mercy has also been controlled via broomstick, we're still hoping for someone to take up the challenge of using real shield (garbage can lid, if you're on a budget) to block with Reinhardt.

Watch Rudeism slay with his Nerf Bow controller as Hanzo:

Louis himself has played McCree with a gun, but hasn't revealed any more plans for improvised Overwatch weaponry in the near future. He has, however, claimed to have beaten Dark Souls 3 using his DDR dance pads. Every good swordsman knows that footwork is important.


What's your favorite Overwatch custom control set so far?

Source: [Kotaku]


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