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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
Ken McDonnell

When you slay your way through Dark Souls 3 with the use of dance pad, score incredible goals in Rocket League with a guitar hero controller and dance your way through the wilds of World of Warcraft, you know you've mastered the art of playing games wrong.

Rudeism has accomplished all of these impressive feats while streaming to the world via his Twitch channel. But once you beat bosses with a dance mat and score aerials with a guitar, how does one progress? How can one man push the boundaries of interacting with video games to new heights? With fruit, obviously.

No Monkey Business: Watch Rudeism Slay In Overwatch Using Actual Bananas

The New Zealand-based streamer decided to use a dozen bananas wired to his computer to control Overwatch's characters, because why not!

"I wanted to use peanut butter initially, but it turns out peanut butter doesn't conduct electricity that well."

There's a nice little fact about peanut butter that you definitely needed in your life.

The banana controller scheme uses four bananas for WASD keys, four for mouselook, and one each for fire, jump, shield and ult. That sounds damn hard, and the man somehow managed to keep this up for over two hours—all of which you can feast upon below.

Much impressed. Many skill. Bananas.

What do you make of Rudeism's exploits?


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