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Popular Overwatch streamer MisoSpoon was streaming competitive matches in his quest to get to Rank 1 and he was only a single win away from the coveted rank when he found himself in a match against Mangachu, the current top ranked player in North America. Knowing that beating Mangachu meant taking that top spot, the stakes were high and the viewers were going crazy with excitement.

Victory was theirs, and Miso let out a thundering "Wooo!" as the match ended. There was a bit of confusion and obvious disappointment at first when the ranks didn't update right away. Then that Rank 1 appeared and for now the illustrious spot was his, so of course he called his mom.

Skip ahead to 8:11:40 on the below Twitch clip for when Miso's mom picks up the phone.

At first she was adorably condescending, not really understanding what Miso had done or why he was calling so late. When he told her that he got Rank #1 in Overwatch and 1600 people watched him do it, she replied, "Neat." She asked for the stream link. "I'm very impressed," she defended. "Send me the link."

She tried to FaceTime him, because she wanted to see his face and at least have a semi-private conversation not on display for all of Twitch to hear.

(mid call, we hear additional ringing from the phone)

"What, no, ma, I don't want to FaceTime right now!"


Eventually she understood what happened and appropriately praised Miso, telling him how exciting it was. Below is the replay of the final match that took Miso to rank #1.

After hearing that people were donating, she immediately offered to donate too. Miso, still giddy with excitement, laughingly told her not to.

"Woah! Thanks for the donation man! I love you, thanks so much."


"Someone donated, ma."

"Oh really? Ok. I'll donate too."

"No, ma, don't donate! (laughter)"

Miso understandably spent the entire phone call with a huge grin on his face and it's clear that his mom is generally supportive of his gaming aspirations when she's not ambushed by stream calls and super tired.

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