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The evidence for Doomfist is mounting up, but hopefully it's not as drawn out as Sombra was. Redditor Venxa pointed out a new small but important change made to the Numbani map on the public test realm: the payload glass encasing the gauntlet is broken.

On live, the glass is intact, and players escort the gauntlet to the museum for it to go on display.

The current glass enclosure on the payload.
The current glass enclosure on the payload.

On the PTR, files were datamined showing the enclosure broken, implying the gauntlet may be missing.

The updated frame file.
The updated frame file.

Not only do these changes imply Doomfist could soon be a reality (reclaiming his gauntlet), but they could also hint at a new cinematic. Glass breakage in Watchpoint Gibralter foreshadowed Winston's Recall animated short, where he broke through the glass window in his office. Likewise, arrows were added to Hanamura after the Shimada brothers' Dragons animated short.

Doomfist has been hinted at from the very start. His gauntlet was the point of contention in the debut cinematic, the reason Windowmaker and Reaper show up to the museum in the first place. Their plan fails when the teenager Brian uses the gauntlet against them, and Winston and Tracer force them to retreat.

Why they were trying to steal it, we don't know. Doomfist has been the moniker of three different people, though only one held it at a time. The first Doomfist was a hero, "the Savior," and the second was defeated by Winston, "the Scourge." It's likely that his gauntlet was the one on display. The current incarnation is ambiguously known as "the Successor," though a voice line from Reaper ("Doomfist should do his own dirty work") suggests ties to Talon.

Of course, when you have a hero, you need a good voice for it. Terry Crews had previously expressed a desire to appear in a video game and had been encouraging fans to check out the game's free weekend promotions.

When the internet clamored for him to voice the anticipated Doomfist, he responded accordingly.

Even The Rock expressed approval of such a choice.

Shortly after, Terry made a conspicuous trip to Blizzard headquarters in Irvine. If he didn't go there to voice Doomfist, then it's someone's idea of a very nasty joke.

It's likely that the well-publicized trip was meant to fuel the Doomfist hype and get fans excited. But players have reason to be suspicious. Fresh on everyone's mind is the Sombra ARG debacle.

The Sombra clues started with small game elements, a name on a classified file, a photo of a hooded figure. All of a sudden Ana was revealed, blindsiding players who thought they were one and the same. But the Sombra hints continued trickling in, so slow and agonizing that players became fed up. They lost interest with the ARG percentage bar, regained interest when it seemed to finally reach 100%, only to be annoyed when a new countdown appeared.

Hints are fine, players practically went into a frenzy deciphering the many clues. Artificial gating, however, is not. Sombra was finally revealed at BlizzCon after four months of waiting.

While the Doomfist clues have been trickling in, at least we aren't at the mercy of a percentage bar on a fake website...yet.

Just look at the word cloud of the Reddit thread discussing the glass breakage.


Amidst all the hype (or non-hype), some are asking the real questions.

Season 3 will be ending soon, per a post by Jeff Kaplan. It's possible that if they were to introduce a new hero, it would be around the start of the new season.

When do you think Doomfist is coming?


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