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Overwatch is one of the most popular games in the world with over 30 million players worldwide. In the great age of the internet, when a game becomes popular it generates a lot of fan-made content (art, cosplay, music, animations etc.). Overwatch is definitely one of those franchises that has inspired a lot of fan-made content, but there is one kind of Overwatch tribute that's been steadily growing in popularity.

That genre is Overwatch-rap, and it's awesome. I define this genre of fan-made content as any rap that's not official content from Blizzard focusing on Overwatch, an Overwatch character, or using something from Overwatch as a base for the rap. This style of rap can be called Nerdcore, but since the raps are about one video game we're just going to call it rap or Overwatch-rap(s).

This article will showcase three amazing Youtubers who rap about Overwatch. So let's get movin' like Lucio and discover your new favorite artists.

Dan Bull

Dan Bull has been rapping about video games on YouTube for six years, and has over one million subscribers making him the most popular Youtuber in this article. He's done raps for franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Bloodborne, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and more. He has recently started doing raps about Overwatch and has made a total of four so far (at the time of writing this article).

Dan Bull is known for having a unique, fast flow with sometimes humorous lyrics. In his Overwatch-raps that really shines through, you can tell he enjoys the game, and really enjoys rapping about it. The lyrics are creative and fun, while still having that Dan Bull humor he's known for, making them a blast to listen to (proof of that in the video above).

What makes Dan Bull such a great, successful video game rapper is that he really does understand what makes the games he raps about fun which in the case of Overwatch is its characters and their personalities. I highly recommend Dan Bull especially if you're looking for something fun to listen to while playing Overwatch.

You can support Dan Bull on: YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Patreon

El Cheapo Games

El Cheapo Games has been rapping about video games on YouTube for over a year now, touching on games such as Dream Daddy, Night in the Woods, Bloodborne, Final Fanasty 15, and especially Overwatch. He has a total of twenty-seven raps about Overwatch alone. What makes El Cheapo Games different from other Overwatch-rappers is that he raps about the Overwatch characters' lore.

He's able to tell their unique stories through rap perfectly, not afraid to change his style to fit the tone of the lore and character. For Overwatch icons like Zarya, Winston, and Pharah who have sadder backstories he'll rap about them in a chill, slow style. Overwatch characters like Reaper, Soldier 76, DoomFist, Genji & Hanzo, who have rougher histories, will get a more aggressive, harder rap style.

He also seems to consider a character's nationality, using beats associated with their place of origin. When El Cheapo Games rapped about D.Va's lore he used a Korean rap beat. In his Sombra lore rap he didn't only just use a Spanish rap beat but rapped the second half in Spanish. If you're a fan of the world of Overwatch and its lore then El Cheapo Games is definitely worth your time.

You can support El Cheapo Games on: YouTube, Bandcamp, Patreon


Daddyphatsnaps has been rapping about video games for a year with a focus on the game Destiny. He's done raps on other games/properties such as Game of Thrones, IT, Cuphead, For Honor, Injustice 2 and most importantly for this article Overwatch. His Overwatch-raps consist of characters rap battling one another, disstracks, and just raps about the characters in general.

If the characters of Overwatch had theme songs at least one of them would have to be a Daddyphatsnaps rap. His lyrics and rap style fit the characters, or an aspect of them perfectly. He has even changed his voice just to match the character like he did in his Roadhog rap.

I highly recommend Daddyphatsnaps' Overwatch-raps if you're looking for something to listen to while playing rank.

You can support on Daddyphatsnaps on: YouTube, iTunes, Spotify

Let's get movin'!


I wrote this article for two reasons. The first reason being because I wanted to showcase some unique fan-made Overwatch content. The second reason was I hoped I could inspire people to support and create fan-made content of their own. Fans are a part of what makes the properties they love amazing. Something I love about the Overwatch fandom is that they're constantly creating exceptional fan-made content through cosplay, fan art, and even music. If you're a fan and want to create something about the property you love, or want to support someone that does, then I encourage you to go ahead and do it.

Who's your favorite Overwatch fan content creator? Tell me in the comments below!


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