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You just have to love the creativity with this one. is a newly partnered Twitch streamer who is known for playing games with wacky controls of his own creation. He streamed Overwatch playing Winston with bananas, D.Va with flight sticks, Hanzo with a Nerf bow, and other brands of mischief.

This time he decided to play Mercy with a staff and gun; and by "staff" we really mean "broomstick."

He put together a highlight reel of some greatest hits, but on Reddit he also explained that this was the hardest incarnation of a controller he's ever tried to game with:

This was probably the most difficult setup I'd tried so far, both in terms of setup complexity and actual gameplay. Which doesn't make a ton of sense considering Hanzo with the Nerf bow exists. I think my button placement for the broomstick was really off - moving in diagonals is a huge pain. Not only that, but some of the "buttons" I wired up had a lot of frayed wire sticking out from them. Healing people would cause me to stick myself with exposed wire. It hurt me to heal others.

Now that's commitment to your craft.

If you want to see the hours of hilarity that ensued from such a ridiculous setup, you can watch his full Twitch video below.

What will Rudeism come up with next? Supposedly he is working on an Ana / Widowmaker sniper rifle. We can't wait to see that.


What is your favorite Rudeism controller?


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