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It was leaked last week — along with tantalizing Sombra leaks (and candy) — and it's now officially out! Overwatch's Halloween Terror event has just gone live and boy are we in for some treats (and a few tricks). The event, similar to the Summer Games from August, has an event-specific brawl along with several new skins, emotes, and other Halloween goodies. (Sadly, it does not bring with it any of the talked-about Symmetra changes.)

If you're like me, new skins are the biggest draw because, hello, Halloween skins.

There are 12 Halloween skins in all, and they are fantastic. Seriously, I want every single one of them. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Ghoul Ana (750 credits)

Tombstone Bastion (750 credits)

Demon Hanzo (750 credits)

Dr. Junkenstein Junkrat (3,000 credits)

Witch Mercy (3,000 credits)

Possessed Pharah (750 credits)

Pumpkin Reaper (3,000 credits)

Coldhardt Reinhardt (750 credits)

Junkenstein's Monster Roadhog (3,000 credits)

Immortal Soldier: 76 (750 credits)

Vampire Symmetra (750 credits)

Skullyatta Zenyatta (750 credits)

Halloween Terror Fixes The Major Loot Box Issue From The Summer Games Event

You may have noticed each skin preview above has a credits amount listed next to it. That's because all of these skins can be purchased with credits, provided you have enough. Granted, the skins that cost 3,000 credits will be a bit harder to procure, the fact that these new can be bought with credits at all is a major improvement from the Summer Games.

As you'll recall, during the Summer Games event, you could only get the event-specific rewards by obtaining loot boxes. And since these loot boxes could only be obtained by leveling or using real money, many players were upset because it felt like Blizzard was pushing them toward purchasing the loot boxes if they wanted to collect all the rewards.

But it looks like Blizzard has heard the feedback and responded well. I know it definitely makes a difference in how I'll approach the event — after receiving two very "meh" rewards from my first two loot boxes during the Summer Games, I decided it definitely wasn't worth purchasing any for real money. And with only one loot box per level, it was hard to collect the pieces I really wanted by actually playing the game.

Junkenstein's Revenge is a 4vHorde Co-op Match, Not Too Unlike CoD's Zombies

While Lúcio Ball offered what was essentially Rocket League in Overwatch, the Halloween Brawl entitled "Junkenstein's Revenge" offers something that's equally a total change of pace from the game's usual flair.

Facing off against Dr. Junkenstein, the brawl has four players defending a castle from waves of "Zomnics" (a.k.a., zombie omnics). Those four players can only play as either Ana, Hanzo, Soldier:76, or McCree, and there can be no overlap.

Every so often, Dr. Junkenstein's allies — Reaper, Roadhog, and Mercy (who is totally secretly a bad guy, by the way) — will appear to make things more difficult on your team. For example, Reaper appeared first during my match and teleported right in the middle of our team before casting his ultimate.

The best part, though? The whole event starts and is narrated like a classic horror movie. When new enemies make an appearance, when one of your allies dies, and during any other special events, you'll hear it narrated as though you're in a classic horror tale. It's awesome.

There Are Tons Of Additional Prizes To Earn During Halloween Terror

If for some reason you're not a fan of the new skins, fear not! Halloween Terror offers a lot more than skins. There are sprays, emotes, death poses, more. While it would be too much to list here, the following are some of my favorite so far:

  • Ana has a new emote wherein she passes out candy from a pumpkin, because Ana is everyone's favorite grandma.
  • Every hero has an "R.I.P." victory pose which is their gravestone, sometimes with their hand sticking out of the ground.
  • There are 16 new emotes, including both "Boo!" and a graffiti-covered version that says "Boop!"

The whole event is a total blast and I know for myself, it's going to draw me back into Overwatch. Sure, I'm generally a sucker for Halloween stuff, but Blizzard seems to have put a lot of work into making this a perfectly Halloween-feeling event, and I absolutely love it!


Which new skin is your favorite?


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