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Overwatch has done it again. A few months back, Blizzard managed to suck me back into their addictive shooter with its Halloween event, and it looks like they had plans to do the same for the holidays.

"Winter Wonderland" is the latest special event for Overwatch and it's not one you'll want to miss. The event is live for , , and players and comes with several limited-time-only rewards. The most important and likely to be sought-after, of course, are the skins.

As with the Halloween event, these skins can be purchased with credits, and they come in two varieties: Epic (750 credits each) and Legendary (3,000 credits each). Once again, there are 12 total skins from the event. This time, however, there are 5 legendary skins to pine after.

Andes Lucio (750 Credits)

Scrooge McCree (750 Credits)

Mei-rry Mei (3,000 Credits)

Frostbite Pharah (750 Credits)

Shiver Reaper (750 Credits)

Rudolph Roadhog (750 Credits)

Blizzard continues to find ways to terrify with Roadhog's bellybutton.
Blizzard continues to find ways to terrify with Roadhog's bellybutton.

Peppermint Sombra (750 Credits)

Santaclad Torbjorn (3,000 Credits)

Jingle Tracer (3,000 Credits)

Yeti Winston (3,000 Credits)

Frosted Zarya (750 Credits)

Nutcracker Zenyatta (3,000 Credits)

The Snow Brawl Is Going To Make You Hate Mei Even More (But In A Good Way)

I know I keep saying this, but Blizzard continues to deliver with this event as much as they have with past events and the brawl is no different. It's a relatively simple concept, but one that can be surprisingly exhilarating.

  • Everyone is Mei.
  • Everyone has one life.
  • Everyone dies in one shot.
  • Mei's gun has been modified so it fires snowballs instead of icicles.
  • Deadly, deadly snowballs.
  • Now, this snowball ammo can be refilled if you find a snow pile on the map, but those snow piles can be dangerous and you will leave yourself vulnerable while refilling your weapon.

Oh, and Mei's ultimate turns the blaster from single-shot snowball-gun into a semi-automatic snowball launcher of death. It's an insanely tense and fun brawl that gets even more exciting as the player count decreases.

But There's More Than Just The Mei Brawl

Today's update also added two more brawls that will both treat you to a loot box for winning. One of them is a little more vanilla, only asking that you complete a normal game with everyone using random heroes on each respawn.

The other, though, is some of the most hectic brawling I've ever done in Overwatch. Like the team brawl, it randomly changes your hero each round. The difference here is that it's a 1v1 match with you and your enemy both playing the same hero each round. All you have to do to win a round is kill the other player first. Do that 5 times and you win.

It's, again, a simple concept that manages to get your blood pumping. Will you get a hero you're comfortable with, or will you get one you've almost never played? Will you stomp your enemy, or will you (like I did) go to a 4-4 final match with everything on the line?

There Are So Many Additions, And I Need Them All

Simply perfect.
Simply perfect.

Have you met my new best friend, Cookie D. Va? She's a spray that encapsulates everything I love about this game. She's funny, she's seasonable, and she shows that Blizzard doesn't mind embracing the Gremlin D. Va meme that has spread across the internet.

Runner-up to this cookie spray is Widowmaker's give-no-flips mistletoe emote that shows the holidays can only make the cold colder. But we also have Junkrat and Roadhog sprays that can be placed next to each other to embrace the true bromance of Overwatch.

On top of all this, there are numerous new icons as well as the non-holiday-but-still-important Symmetra updates that Kaplan has been talking about for a while now. All in all, it's a wonderful early present from Blizzard to us.


Which skin (or addition) is the best from Overwatch's Winter Wonderland?


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