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Sony's press conference and naturally the internet is abuzz with all the big exclusives announced. For the second year in a row, none seem to surprise like Sony's partnership with Insomniac Games to provide an open-world Spider-Man game.

This year we were treated to an extended gameplay trailer with an unexpected stinger at the end: Miles Morales.

For those unfamiliar, Miles is the Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe, and just like Peter, he has a loyal and devoted fan base. While Miles hasn't made into a core Marvel film yet, the Spidey-est of of Spidey fans know that Miles is the real deal. There was hope and speculation that the character would make an appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man film (maybe there still is?).

But for now we know we'll see the character to some extent in Sony's new game.

The Game Can Do What The Movie Won't

One of the blessings of video games is that they can tell stories other mediums can't. And, in this case, potentially tell a story the Marvel movies simply won't.

Some Really Wanna Play As Miles

While it seems we'll be in control of Peter Parker as the game's primary protagonist, there's nothing saying Miles won't be playable to some extent.

A good question honestly. Will we play as Miles?

And wouldn't it be great if Peter could give advice to a young Miles?

DLC is always a possibility for anything this day and age, but hopefully the base game offers a little more than that. If Miles isn't the primary protagonist, he could be playable is later DLC and that would still be a big step for a young Spidey.

There's Also This...

Not looking to add fuel to the fire here, but really? Just another day on the internet I guess. Oh, Twitter.

Couldn't Have Said It Better

Gorgeous trailer, welcomed cameo, a win-win for Sony and Spider-Man fans.

Now the real questions: will Miles be a fully playable character in the game? DLC? And just what role will he play? We'll find out the answers when Spider-Man releases on the PS4 sometime in 2018. Till then make sure to stick with Now Loading for more on and all your coverage.


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