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VI's spring update will bring Persia and its famous ruler, Cyrus the Great, to the game via paid DLC or free for anyone who purchased the deluxe version. The first DLC update, the winter update in December, introduced Poland as a new civ with its leader Jadwiga, while the next one introduced Australia and its leader John Curtin. The next update will feature two civs instead of just one, but the second has not been announced yet.

Persia will be a great civ for anyone who wants to build a large empire and also attack at will for any provocation. World Wonders and the Pairidaeza will ensure your empire becomes wealthy and powerful, while sneak attacks will allow you to conquer friends and foe alike.

Cryus and Persia

  • Unique Ability: Satraps/Satrapies
  • Unique Unit: The Immortal
  • Unique Improvement: The Pairidaeza, or Persian Gardens
  • Special Ability: Fall of Babylon

Unique Ability: Satraps/Satrapies

When Political Philosophy is unlocked, you gain a free trade route and bonuses to internal trade routes.

Unique Unit: The Immortal

The Immortals mimic Cryus' famous army, said to be made up of 10,000 elite heavy foot soldiers who carried both long-range and short-range weapons. The Immortals are a replacement for the Swordsman unit, with a ranged attack and strong combat defense.

Unique Improvement: The Pairidaeza

The Pairidaeza, or Persian Gardens, provides culture, gold, and appeal, with bonuses for adjacent districts and city centers. Yield increases as you advance through the tech and civics trees.

Special Ability: Fall of Babylon

Cyrus' leader ability provides buffs for launching a surprise war, due to his penchant for betraying allies. After declaring a surprise war, all Persian units receive bonus movement. Diplomatic penalties for surprise wars are also reduced.

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus II, later known as Cyrus the Great, founded the great Persian empire, called the Achaemenid Empire after his ancestor Achaemenes. Through his conquests, Cyrus created the largest empire the world had ever seen, until 200 years later when his descendants fell to Alexander the Great.

Cyrus is most notable for his many conquests and his tolerance for local cultures. He started by invading his own grandfather's kingdom, the Median Empire who was also his overlord. From there he conquered Lydia, Babylon, Elam, Syria, Judea, and Patrea. His empire stretched from Asia Minor in the west to parts of India in the east, getting close to Egypt before he died.

During his conquests, he was famous for respecting the native cultures and religions. In Babylon, he restored the temples and sanctuaries. He was also famous for allowing the Jews to return to Babylon after they had been exiled by its former ruler.

Cyrus the Great was eventually killed by none other than Tomyris of Scythia, another Civilization VI leader. He had attempted to take her territory, first by an offer of marriage and then by force when he was refused. Cyrus tricked her forces by leaving wine in an undefended camp, knowing they were unfamiliar with its intoxication. Tomyris's son, the general of the army, committed suicide upon being captured. Tomyris took her revenge on Cyrus, decapitating him after he was killed in battle and dipping his head in a bag of blood to sate his bloodlust.

Tomyris of Scythia
Tomyris of Scythia

Persia is only one of two new civilizations coming to the game in the next update, though the second will be announced later. Also included in the update will be regular content changes for balance, multiplayer mode, and bug fixes.

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