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Persona 5 is out and players are finding out that summoning the titular Personae from the Compendium isn't cheap. Apart from summoning and fusing, you'll also need enough cash to purchase weapons, accessories and protective gear for your party members, or risk having a rough time in the dungeons.

Here's our best tips on how to earn money quickly and easily in Persona 5 on PS4 and PS3. Follow our for the fast track to fun and profit.

Earn Money Fast In 'Persona 5': Best Tips And Tricks

'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]
'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]

There's a bunch of different ways to boost your earning potential in Persona 5, though some strategies have different advantages and may work better at different stages of the game. These are the best ways to earn more money early on in Persona 5.

1. Turn Down The Difficulty

'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]
'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]

If you're not too proud then it's worth knowing that lowering the difficulty will also make summoning costs cheaper.

  • This will allow you to summon a big number of Personae for fusing without worrying too much about the cost.
  • If this sounds too much like cheating, well, you'll have to buckle up and work for a living.

2. Get A Part Time Job

'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]
'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]

At the risk of sounding like your parents, this is actually solid advice for life in Persona and the real world.

  • Part-time jobs are incredibly useful in Persona 5 because on top of earning some quick cash, working will rank up your character stats.
  • Luckily, getting a job in-game is easy, just check the flyer stand along the underground walkway in Shibuya station.

3. Extort Money From Shadows

'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]
'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]

If you think working for a living is for suckers, instead opting to simply take what you want, there are a couple of ways you can shake down your enemies for money.

  • The first trick requires a Persona with a high Luck stat and confusion skills (e.g. Pulinpa). Use your confusion skills on enemy Shadows and you can bully them into throwing money at you.
  • The second method is more about negotiation. Although you can use persuasion to get a Shadow to join your party, the profit-minded player can also coerce or sweet-talk them into handing over some extra cash. Obviously this is more rewarding if you've invested in negotiation skills.

4. How To Get Extra Money In Dungeons

'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]
'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]

Everyone knows that dungeons are stuffed with valuables for the brave adventurer who's willing to battle the monsters. Persona 5 is no different.

  • You can do this old school style and just loot the enemies that kill in dungeons.
  • Activate the divination that nets you bonus money for finishing battles with all-out Attacks.
  • There's also a Co-op ability you get from the Star, Hifumi, that grants you bonus money for finishing Chance Encounters on the first turn (before the enemy can act, but you can use all four characters' actions).
  • Go explore Mementos on rainy days to find gem Persona. The high level ones give a lot of money, especially with the divination bonus.
  • Keep an eye out for any glowing objects in dungeon areas. These are treasures that can later be sold in the weapons shop for easy money.
  • Don't forget to sell some of the old weapons or items that you found in dungeons once they're no longer useful.

5. Win The Lottery

'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]
'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]

You feeling lucky? Well, Persona 5 has a Luck stat that tells you exactly how lucky you are. Luck can be valuable help with all the above money making tips, but if you fancy a gamble, there's always the lottery.

  • You can buy lottery tickets from the station which can net you a large amount of money easily. It's a risk, but the payoff is huge.

Phantom Thievery Pays Off

'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]
'Persona 5' [Credit: Atlus]

We hope you find this guide useful for racking up fat stacks of Yen in Persona 5. We'll be adding more tricks and techniques as we progress through the game, so check back for more hot tips!

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Have you picked up any good techniques for farming money in Persona 5? Share the wealth, and let us know in the comments!

What's your favorite way to earn money in Persona 5?

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