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Atlus CEO, Naoto Hiraoka recently sat down with MCV to discuss the state of Japan's gaming market, RPGs, the , and the success of . Persona 5 is currently being translated for its launch in the United States and Europe in April, with the addition of language options having delayed the release date by an extra month.

[Credit - Atlus]
[Credit - Atlus]

We've taken a look at the English voice cast and discussed everything you need to know before playing, but the wait really is getting to us at this stage, especially seeing as Japanese gamers have been relishing in its delights since September!

Yet despite a very strong performance, shifting 440,000 copies within its first two weeks on sale in Japan, Naoto Hiraoka had tempered expectations for Persona 5.

Naoto Hiraoka On Persona 5, The Nintendo Switch & JRPGs

Persona 5 oozes style and will launch in the US and Europe in April - [Credit: Atlus]
Persona 5 oozes style and will launch in the US and Europe in April - [Credit: Atlus]

"We could not imagine how players would react to Persona 5 at first. However, it has obliterated all expectations in Japan. The game's unique style and aesthetic appeals to so many people beyond our traditional fan base.

Throughout his session with MCV, Hiraoka touched on the state of the Japanese gaming industry and the growing importance of localization as mobile experiences challenge more traditional games.

"True the market is narrowing, thanks to the prevalence of mobile phone games and the shrinking 'otaku' culture in Japan, but our target audience is not only Japan. After our success in North America, I believe the next step is to move on to Europe."

Whilst support from other developers for fringe consoles tends to wither, Atlus have a history of continued support for the and PS Vita, and apparently they'll continue this trend with the Nintendo :

"Our participation as a publisher for the Nintendo Switch has been announced, and whilst we don't have any news on that front to share, the device is making for some interesting potential."

He also noted that 3DS owners were looking for more mature role-playing experiences and that JRPG's are a comfortable fit. The Legend of Zelda is already looking fantastic on the Switch and the portability factor could lend itself to more traditional handheld experiences like the Fire Emblem games or Pokemon.


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