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PewDiePie just cannot stay out of the headlines these days. The YouTube star has faced criticism after using a racial slur during a live stream and has seen a large backlash from some of the gaming community. The backlash he faced from this supposed blunder meant he had to issue a public apology about his choice of language, but only a few days after the apology he has landed himself in hot water again by almost uttering the same word during a live stream.

It must be noted that PewDiePie, otherwise known as Felix Kjellberg, never actually said the N-word during his most recent stream, but many believe he was very close to doing so. Perhaps it was a deliberate attempt to toy with the media and those who have rallied against him recently. Either way, he's now become the centre of attention once again.

His questionable use of language has always brought controversy to Felix's channel. Cast your mind back to the time he decided it would be fun to dress up as a Nazi, or the time his anti-Semitic jokes cost him a big money deal with Disney. After all, how many businesses would want to be associated with someone who is being perceived as racist?

His most recent outburst caused him to have a series of videos removed from YouTube. The game in question was Firewatch which is owned by Campo Santo Games. They believed that the language used by PewDiePie was unacceptable and they no longer wished for their game to be associated with his image. This caused them to contact YouTube and issue a takedown on any footage of their game which has PewDiePie's involvement in it. Campo Santo Games have encouraged other streamers to follow their actions and cut their ties with PewDiePie, which could seriously damage his channel if carried out.

[Credit: YouTube/PewDiePie]
[Credit: YouTube/PewDiePie]

Although some may be angry that Felix suggested using the same word again, he did manage to contain himself. He was streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at the time; the same game he was playing when the previous offence occurred. In the latest video he acknowledges that he almost slips up, saying:

My ni— oh hello! Okay, okay, took one day for me to almost slip up.

To perceive PewDiePie as a racist or Nazi is a tad too far fetched for many. There have been many incidents in which people in everyday situations have used language or terminology that others may find offensive. The issue is that PewDiePie's huge public influence means he must take responsibility for his outbursts. Felix has become one of the most watched YouTube streamers of all time so using language such as this is not best advised. Whilst he is free to say anything he wants on his streams, the repeated use of racialized imagery and language is alarming, especially because many children are watching his videos.

We'd like to think PewDiePie's racial slurs are behind him, but this recent incident may suggest otherwise. It may only be a matter of time before PewDiePie slips up again.

[Credit: YouTube/PewDiePie]
[Credit: YouTube/PewDiePie]

Should PewDiePie be allowed to make such comments or is it a step too far? Let us know in the comments!


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