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A studio comprising of veteran game developers, who have worked on numerous AAA titles (The Division, Witcher 3) Currently working on Agony

Agony is a first-person, survival horror game; a no holds barred journey through the bowels of Hell itself.

We have pulled no punches in our attempt to produce the world's most unnerving horror adventure yet. The experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. We have loved every minute of the development process and the reception Agony has received so far has been overwhelming.

We were committed to making a game that was totally unique and utterly terrifying. We think Agony is both and a lot more on top. The support on Kickstarter and on Steam has been unbelievable. Your support has allowed us to create a world unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced before.

One of the biggest highlights for us so far (aside from your overwhelming support) has been watching the global reactions to people actually playing the game online. We recently released an early access demo on Steam and the feedback has been phenomenal.

We truly have relished watching your videos and reading your reviews. Especially welcoming the worlds most famous gaming YouTuber PewDiePie to the early access campaign.

We managed to scare him so much he couldn't even finish the demo himself. We take that as one heck of an achievement for our upcoming horror.

His journey through the demo is a must watch. This is entertainment on a whole new level. Watch PewDiePie as he ducks, dives and screams his way through Hell playing Agony.

The range of emotions seen here in the video of PewDiePie is exactly what we wanted to see. It is representative of the complexity of the game we have developed here at .

It is tantalizingly brutal; everywhere you look you will see something hellish and perplexing. Agony engages, entertains and terrifies and PewDiePie's journey is only a snippet of what is to come.

We have loved watching you all play our game and would welcome your thoughts below. PewDiePie is into it, are you?


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