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Recently, has been under heavy fire from the media thanks to a recent video posted on his channel, in which two people hold up a sign reading "Death to all Jews".

You've probably seen this story everywhere by this point, unless of course you've been lucky enough to live under a rock. But whether you're on Pewdiepie's side or not, it's fair to say that most people just want this issue laid to rest.


Pewdiepie recently uploaded his latest response to the criticism regarding his alleged anti-semitic jokes, and in typically hilarious Pewdiepie fashion he's responded by doing one simple thing, shooting Adolf Hitler in the balls in .

Damn Pewdiepie, I did 'Nazi' that coming...

The video is packed with hilarious references to the recent events that have clogged news feeds across the globe, and Pewdiepie has clearly decided that the best response to all of the criticism is just to do what he does best, making people laugh. In the video, he mocks himself, censors a bunch of Nazi symbolism, and basically runs around shooting Nazis in the balls.

It's nice to see that Pewdipie has bounced back so quickly from the controversy surrounding the notorious "Fiverr" video (which you can see a re-upload of here), and it's certainly a relief to social media users everywhere that we no longer have to wake up to our news feeds being crammed with endless news stories about this ongoing drama.

Are you glad to see the Pewdiepie drama finally being laid to rest? Let us know in the comments!


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