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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for all content released to date in the Final Fantasy XV series, includes the Brotherhood anime, the feature-length Kingsglaive and Platinum Demo. If you do not mind spoilers or just want a refresher before jumping into the main game, read on!

We are mere hours from the release of Final Fantasy XV! With that being said, now is the best time to get up to speed with the story so far.

New To The Series?

For those of you unfamiliar with , this is not the 15th installment in an ongoing saga. The majority of Final Fantasy games are self-contained stories, so has nothing to do with XIV or any previous games. However, some games are related, and to understand this there is something of an unofficial rule: the Roman numeral. Final Fantasy X-2 is not Final Fantasy 12 (12 being XII), but rather, it's a sequel to (stay with me here). Each Roman numeral works as its own series.

For example, there is Final FantasyXIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and : Final Fantasy XIII. Because all three of these games have the Roman numeral XIII, they are all related. What about other games that do not have a Roman numeral in the title? They are their own self-contained spinoffs, unrelated to games that do have Roman numerals.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

The movie stars Aaron Paul, Lena Headey and Sean Bean as the respective voices of Nyx Ulric, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, and King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII. This is where the Final Fantasy XV saga begins.

The movie opens in Tenebrae, with Luna pushing Noctis in a wheelchair. King Regis has brought Noctis here to be healed and is accompanied by Luna's mother and Ravus, Luna's older brother. Before they know it, the group is ambushed by Niflheim soldiers and Luna's mother is killed. King Regis grabs Noctis and Luna, rushing to bring the kids to safety. However, in the ensuing confusion Luna is left behind with her brother and the soldiers.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.
Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

Twelve years pass and we are introduced to , a member of the , an elite military squad that serves King Regis and uses the king's magic. King Regis, now much older and weaker from sustaining the magical wall protecting Lucis, meets with Niflheim Chancellor Ardyn Izunia to discus the terms of a peace treaty. These terms require that Prince Noctis marry Princess Luna of Tenebrae (now under Niflheim control) and that King Regis will see all of Lucis, excluding the Crown City of Insomnia, to Niflheim occupation. reluctantly agrees, leaving the members of the Kingsglaive divided about the terms of the treaty.

King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII.
King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII.

Prior to the signing ceremony, Nyx discovers that Luna has been kidnapped and the treaty is just a ploy to have King Regis lower the magic barrier so that Niflhiem can invade. King Regis goes along with the treaty while Nyx and Titus , leader of the Kingsglaive, draft the rest of the Glaives to save Luna. All of this is discovered to be a trap and there is betrayal from within the Kingsglaive. Nyx saves Luna while all-out war erupts in Insomnia.

General Glauca.
General Glauca.

Nyx and join up with King Regis, who is attacked by General Glauca and loses the Ring of the Lucii, a powerful magic relic only worn by the line of Lucis. Ravus makes a return, having sided with Niflheim and blaming King Regis and Noctis for the death of his mother. Ravus then tries on the ring, but is not deemed worthy and it nearly kills him. Nyx, Luna and King Regis regain possession of the ring before General Glauca appears. King Regis entrusts Luna to find and deliver the ring to Noctis and Nyx. King Regis is then struck and killed by General Glauca. Regis's death prevents Nyx and the remaining Kingsglaive from using .

Nyx Ulric.
Nyx Ulric.

Nyx escapes the citadel with Luna, with the overwhelming might of the Niflheim military in hot pursuit. Nyx tries on the ring in a desperate final attempt to allow Luna to escape, which causes time to stand still. He is now being judged by the spirits of the past kings of Lucis. King Regis's voice tells the other spirits that Nyx is worthy of the ring's magic, but not being a true heir to the throne, Nyx must offer a sacrifice: his death by morning in exchange for the ring's power. Nyx agrees and uses his newly acquired temporary power in an epic battle against the Niflheim forces and General Glauca. Nyx defeats them and dies. Luna escapes with the ring, blending in with refugees from .

A post-credits scene shows driving the Regalia, the car proceeding to break down with Noctis, Gladiolus, and Ignis inside. This is where Final Fantasy XV kicks off.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

The five-part anime gave us insight into how Final Fantasy XV protagonist met each of his friends that will be along for the journey. The first episode opens with young Noctis bleeding out, having been gravely injured by a daemon, before jumping to present day. The highlight of this episode is the synergy of the friends.


Later, the group continues on their journey to bring Noctis to his betrothed in . The party hears a news report while traveling in the Regalia, stating that Lucis has fallen and that King Regis, Luna and Noctis are dead. Obviously, with Noctis alive, this makes things all the more curious. The party is attacked by Niflhiem soldiers and upon the soldiers' defeat, the daemon that attacked earlier reappears.

Noctis and co.
Noctis and co.


The second episode is a heartwarming tale, all about Prompto. The story is primarily a series of flashbacks that stars the scamp in his younger years. After coming across an injured puppy, Prompto takes him home and nurses him back to health. Later, Prompto discovers that this dog belonged to Princess Luna of Tenebrae and she requests befriends Crown Prince Noctis. Prompto then proceeds to work on his crippling shyness and succeed at his "royal mission" to become friends with the prince.

Young Prompto.
Young Prompto.


Episode 3 focuses on the relationship of Noctis and , in another series of flashbacks in which we see Gladio as Noctis's sword instructor. Gladio views Noctis as an immature, spoiled, self-centered kid. Noctis sneaks out to find Iris, Gladio's younger sister, and the two embark on a brief adventure. Upon setting the citadel in a brief panic, Noctis takes the blame when the two are eventually found. After Iris tells Gladio the truth, his opinion of the young prince is changed and the two form a close bond.

Young Noctis and young Gladiolus.
Young Noctis and young Gladiolus.


Episode 4 tells of the relationship between and Noctis. While Noctis is away from the citadel for school, Ignis is sent to visit him by King Regis, whose health is failing. Ignis visits Noctis often, regularly providing the prince with updates from back home of Lucis politics and the war effort.

Young Ignis.
Young Ignis.

The two get into a heated argument about Noctis's future, with the prince eventually coming to accept that his father will one day pass, perhaps sooner than he is prepared for, and he has to shoulder the impending responsibilities. The episode ends in the present day, with Ignis trying and failing to recreate Noctis's favorite dessert.

Noctis faces off against the daemon.
Noctis faces off against the daemon.

The fifth and final episode brings the anime back full circle to where the first episode ended. We are shown an extended flashback of the daemon attacking a young Noctis, before King Regis uses all his might to save his son. Back again to the present day, Noctis manages to slay the daemon. After the battle, Noctis grieves over the death of his father, having seemingly learned about the events of Kingsglaive.

Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV

The Platinum Demo seems to take place directly after young Noctis was attacked by the monster in the beginning of the first episode of the anime and before the opening of Kingsglaive. Here, young Noctis is in a dreamspace, guided by . The goal of the demo is for Noctis to fight his nightmares and awaken. There is a brief scene in which Noctis remembers that Carbuncle was a gift from his father to help protect him from his nightmares. Upon remembering this, Noctis is able to overcome his fears.

Regardless of how minimal the story is, is worth playing, just to have Carbuncle added to the main game. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Piecing The Story Together

What has transpired prior to the main game is definitely a deep dive. So here is a recap, putting the major events in chronological order:

  • Noctis is attacked by the daemon
  • Noctis conquers his nightmares with the help of Carbuncle
  • Luna and Ravus's mother is killed by Niflheim forces
  • Noctis befriends Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis
  • King Regis agrees to sign the peace treaty with the emperor of Niflheim
  • Niflheim betrays King Regis and he is killed by General Glauca
  • Nyx uses the Ring of the Lucii to fight off the Niflheim forces
  • Luna escapes Insomnia, thanks to Nyx's sacrifice, and makes her way to Noctis with the ring
  • The Regalia breaks down

Now that you know that you're up to speed with the story, here are some tips to help you start your journey through Eos!

Final Fantasy XV releases globally November 29! Will you be playing?


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