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Watch out, Ash! There's a new Pikachu in town! And his name is... Nikolay Baskov?!

In what could possibly be the strangest combination of Pokémon meets not-so-pop culture, a renowned Russian opera-pop star took to the stage during the “New Wave” international music competition wearing, you guessed it—a cuddly set of Pikachu jam-jams!

Shake 'dat Pika-ass!
Shake 'dat Pika-ass!

We thought we'd seen everything, but clearly... we were wrong.

The song he sings while flaunting his "adorable" Pikachu self is entitled "Обниму тебя," or "Embrace You," which, according to the lyrics, has absolutely nothing to do with Pokémon.

“I will embrace you, tightly. I will embrace you, passionately. There is no one in the world more beautiful than you. There is no one in the world more wonderful.”

I'm not really sure I wanna be embraced by a grown man in a Pikachu suit, but hey, maybe there's an audience for that... somewhere...

Bounce with me, just bounce with me.
Bounce with me, just bounce with me.

The set, the props, and even the other dancers are all appropriately clad in Pokémon-themed (and at least what they believe to be Pokémon-themed) attire. Giant, bouncy Pokéballs litter the stage, girls wear Pikachu masks, and four guys try to catch Nikolay on their giant smartphone props in what I assume is supposed to be a tribute to Pokémon GO. The giant monitor behind the stage switches between animations of Pikachu and disturbingly sexual imagery of a large-breasted Misty with her hair down. I guess this is how he ties in the theme of love...?

The musical number climaxes as Nikolay rips his shirt open to reveal the words "Поймай меня!" or "Catch me!" and starts kicking his different colored Pokéballs into the audience with increasing fervor. It's truly a sight to behold.

Did he just kick that ball into a girl's face?
Did he just kick that ball into a girl's face?

At the moment of writing this, I still have no idea why Nikolay would decide to go on-stage dressed as everyone's favorite Pokémon. Indeed, he's already performed this song elsewhere without the Pokémon flair. But hey, perhaps he just wanted to spice things up. Or maybe he's Russia's biggest closeted Pokémon fan?

Regardless of his intentions, the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Watch the full performance of Nikolay Baskov singing "Обниму тебя" dressed as Pikachu below:

[Source: YouTube]


Yea or nay? How do YOU feel about Nikolay's Pokéfied performance?

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