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Here comes trouble, x2.

Ash's long-crouching companion has stuck by his Trainer through thick and thin, committed to do-gooding throughout 19 animated seasons as well as countless games. But what if Pikachu's moral compass were somehow twisted by the rocket-propelled forces of evil? What if the friendly electric mouse suddenly switched sides?

A new wave of Pokemon merchandise has recently been unveiled, set to hit Pokemon Centers in Japan on October 8. The troubling part is that the latest line of toys includes plushies of Pikachu wearing evil ensembles made famous by Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Team Aqua and others. Take a look below.

Evil Pikachu, I choose you!

Retailing for ¥2,000 (~$20)
Retailing for ¥2,000 (~$20)

Okay, I've gotta admit: These rebellious mice are kinda cute.

With price tags ranging from ¥380 to ¥15,000, the new set of merch also comes with some rather swanky badges, representing the foes encountered across six Pokemon generations.

Badges of dishonor

Not to mention this Team Rocket branded gear sure to send the Youngster Joeys in your neighborhood running.

That tie is actually pretty damn fresh.

You can check out the rest of the Pokemon gear here. I'm off to reassess Pikachu's so called 'loyalty'.


Pick a team!

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