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Pilgrim: Dread The Commonwealth is an ENB (a graphic mod that enhances post-processing effects) and weather mod for Fallout 4 that twists your beloved Bethesda game into a cinematic horror film. Creators, 100ping and Trey M have taken their inspiration from the recent horror masterpiece The Witch, and the result is creepy as hell.

It's No Walk In The Park

Pilgrim is not a mod based on adding new quests and characters. Instead, it has been designed to transform the Commonwealth Wasteland into a chilling landscape reminiscent of the slasher film Friday The 13th, with Jason Voorhees stalking his teenage victims.

New weather, sounds, and environment lighting have been completely designed from scratch by l00ping to bring dreadful atmosphere and realism

The ENB features:

  • Lens emulation
  • Film grain
  • Adjustable letter-boxing
  • Optional sharpening
  • A lift shadows function that can be disabled for deeper shadows

The Music Has Been Changed Too

We all know that music and sound effects are an essential part of any standard film. So, in order to compliment the realistic ENB features, this mod has included a dynamic music system that corresponds to the weather and circumstances faced in the game.

The end result is a dynamic sound track that will change and compose itself depending on the current weather for an evolving experience. A new slider has been created in the audio options of the game to allow you to tune the effect to your taste.

The result is a classic mix of sound and visual triggers that push our anxiety levels where we want them to be. If you are a seasoned horror fan, the adjustments will be like blood running off a duck's back.

Is This Mod For You?

Pilgrim: Dread The Commonwealth is a mod that introduces a new level of stress to , similar to finding yourself on a bad acid trip hoping to persevere through an illusion.

Fundamentally the gameplay itself is the same. The main difference with activating this mod is that the changes look and feel more encompassing than they really are. You either embrace it, or walk away to turn all the lights on in your house for comfort.

Sound off below if you are keen to turn the Fallout 4 horror switch on?



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