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Tired of stomping around the same map on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds again and again? Well, there's some good news for fans. A new desert-themed map is coming for the game, and it already looks gorgeous.

Check out some of the preview images below, posted from the official PUBG account.

Thanks to an interview with BlueHole from Polygon, we know a bit more information about what the upcoming map will be like.

For one, the map will be significantly smaller than Erangel, the original Eastern European map that shipped with Battlegrounds. Instead, the upcoming desert map will only be four square kilometers, half the size of the original release. Inspired largely by Peru, there's also a focus on a mixture of urban and rural areas in this map. But overall, expect more urban combat this time around in a relatively confined space. So, no running away from city centers; you're going to ultimately be drawn into the concrete jungle.

The desert-themed city map isn't the only one that's coming to Battlegrounds, either. BlueHole is also developing a map based largely around Greece, with "Mediterranean coasts on the bottom with sort of a northern, forested edge" and a "ruined cosmodrome" square in the center of the map. There isn't too much word yet on this map, but expect a lot more natural combat and forest camouflage to balance out the upcoming map's urban deserts.

New Maps Means 'Battlegrounds' Is About To Get More Complex (And Fun)

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds was always intended to be a game based on improvisation and randomized gameplay for max replayability. That's what makes BlueHole's battle royale title so charming. But it's also about developing strategies, tactics, and making the best out of your starting location (even if it's a particularly poor one). Battlegrounds is fun because it's so hectic, in other words. The game wouldn't be as popular if it was predictable.

As Battlegrounds stands right now, power players can eventually memorize Erangel and figure out successful tactics for engaging players based purely on map knowledge alone. That's the exact opposite of Playerunknown's original intent: Brendan Greene specifically wanted to create a game where players couldn't rely on sheer muscle memory and prior experience alone to win.

Adding in more maps is a good solution to that problem, because it makes Battlegrounds more dynamic. Every time a new map will be chosen by matchmaking, players have to adapt a specific set of tactics and skills into play. Urban combat in Peru will be much more intense and close-ranged than hiding in the sprawling hills of Erangel, for instance. And the upcoming Mediterranean map will swap out familiar cities for shores and forests.

New maps mean players have to create brand new tactics all over again. But it also means Battlegrounds is quickly becoming much more dynamic. Different levels mean different gameplay strategies, squad routes, and tactics that go into planning. It's giving Battlegrounds the spontaneity and randomness that fans have come to love from the game.

With a variety of maps and settings already on the way, it's safe to say that Battlegrounds will be a pretty sprawling game once it's out of Early Access. Until then, let's hope BlueHole's upcoming maps give us just as much intense combat, scavenging, and surviving as the original level did.

Are you excited for the desert map headed to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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