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I love video games. So much. Director of Content and Business Development at Playsource. Executive Publisher at Movie Pilot and Now Loading.
Samuel Axon

Playsource is your destination for getting involved at the ground level with upcoming games, both the video and tabletop variety. And it’s much more than a site for reading news and discovering new games.

Playsource is all about connecting the player with the creators of new games. Want to know more than what you see here? Check out our Developer FAQ and Creator FAQ.

Here’s how it works

We’ve invited game developers and publishers behind some of the coolest upcoming indie board and video games to launch a presence on Playsource. Each game will have a page with the latest updates, straight from the game’s creators.

That page will also feature fans' content about the game, right alongside the official game updates!

As a fan and Creator on Playsource, you’ll be able to write about these games — or indie games in general — just like you write about blockbusters on Movie Pilot and Now Loading.

Playsource adds some exciting new ways to get involved beyond writing and reading, too.

Because the folks who make the games are also on Playsource, you’re invited to engage with them directly. You’ll get a chance to participate in scheduled playtests, join ongoing live chats, or write your own articles to let developers and designers know what you think, and participate in the development process directly.

Join the community

Between Kickstarter, Patreon, and Steam Early Access, it’s clear that fans share ownership of indie games in a way that has never been possible until now. Playsource is your resource for seizing that ownership and joining the conversation in the scene.

As we launch Playsource over the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting exclusive chats with game developers, board game livestreams, and playtests for upcoming games.

We’ll even be hosting some real-world game jams and game nights at the Creators Media offices!

If you’re interested in getting in at the ground floor with Playsource either as a writer or just a player who wants to get involved in creating awesome new games, become a Creator, and join our mailing list!

Are you making an awesome game?

Our goal is to be the most powerful platform for creators of video and tabletop games to find a highly engaged audience and community, whether you're planning a crowdfunding push or working on the earliest builds of your game.

We provide tons of helpful features for developers and publishers at Playsource, including:

  • A custom page dedicated to your game, where you can share the details, links to your social profiles, store profiles, and campaigns, and a feed of your recent updates, alongside what fans have said about your game
  • A powerful and elegant writing platform for publishing your devlogs, announcements, and more
  • Live chat rooms with other devs, Playsource staff, and an audience of obsessive players
  • Support in planning playtests, getting the word out about your game, and connecting with superfans who will power your communityt

Interested in getting your game featured on Playsource? It's easy. Just sign up and tell us more about your game. We'd be proud to have you.


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