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I love video games. So much. Director of Content and Business Development at Playsource. Executive Publisher at Movie Pilot and Now Loading.
Samuel Axon

Today, we're officially launching Playsource, a new gaming site from the people who brought you Movie Pilot and Now Loading!

Playsource is your place to discover new games and connect with tabletop and video game creators and fans. It's a community where writers and readers like you can discover new games, get to know their developers, and contribute your own thoughts, projects and discoveries.

Interested? Learn more about Playsource and get involved! And follow us on Twitter!

Everything existing Creators need to know

We’ve invited game developers and publishers behind some of the coolest upcoming indie board and video games to launch a presence on Playsource. Each game will have a page with the latest updates, straight from the game’s creators.

That page will also feature fans' content about the game, right alongside the official game updates!

As a fan and Creator on Playsource, you’ll be able to write about these games — or indie games in general — just like you write about blockbusters on Movie Pilot and Now Loading.

Playsource adds some exciting new ways to get involved beyond writing and reading, too.

Because the folks who make the games are also on Playsource, you’re invited to engage with them directly. You’ll get a chance to participate in scheduled playtests, join ongoing live chats, or write your own articles to let developers and designers know what you think, and participate in the development process directly.

What games does Playsource cover?

Most of them! We're interested in passion projects small and large. From two-person indies like Escape Doodland to tabletop treasures like Drawing Dead to independent triple-A masterpieces like Agony, Playsource is home to a wide range.

Playsource is also your place to catch up on the latest runaway Steam and console megahits like Conan Exiles or Night in the Woods.

And of course there are tabletop games. We love board games. Whether it's Cards Against Humanity, Arkham Horror, tabletop RPGs or social games like Two Rooms and a Boom, you can find articles about them on the site, or play them at our real world events.

How to get involved

Become a Creator! Create an account on our social blogging site to start writing about the games!

Follow Playsource on Twitter or sign up for email updates for the latest from developers and the community.

And what if you have a game of your own to share? We'd love to have you. Fill our the game submission form to submit your game.

For more detailed info, check out our Developer FAQ and Creator FAQ.


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