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Guys, it finally happened, Sony announced PlayStation 4 Pro and from what I can tell the only version available is a 1TB system at $399.99 and that it'll be released on Thursday, November 10th 2016.

At GameStop from today 9/8/2016 until 9/13/16 you can get $125 store credit towards any new PS4, when you trade a PS4 or Xbox One system. Anyway time for the details on PS4 Pro.

As expected normal PS4 games are compatible with the Pro and PlayStation Plus is still the multiplayer membership. The PlayStation 4 Pro will have 4K display, however if your TV doesn't support 4K the 4K feature of the Pro will be useless and you wasted money, so make sure you know whether or not your TV supports 4K before you go out and spend all you money. Some games will take advantage of the pros 4K display, these games will have a PS4 pro logo on them.

Now along with the announcement of the Pro they also announced a new slimmer lighter version of the PS4, from what I read it is exactly the same as the PS4 with some minor design modifications, it has a suggested price of $299.99 and will be available Thursday, September 15th 2016.

On a much lighter note Nintendo has gotten with the recent trends of galaxy and released a Galaxy Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL. It has all the capabilities of a regular New Nintendo 3DS XL. It can be bought at GameStop for $199.99.


Well Guys thats it, What do you think of the new systems?