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Well, folks. Looks like those two notorious gangs, Rockstar Games and Sony PlayStation, have decided to spit-shake on it, split the bounty and become partners in the outlaw cowboy game.

Now Loading brings you exclusive footage of this deal going down:

Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar's latest installment in the much beloved open-world western franchise, promises to deliver the same wide open sandbox environment, skillful writing, and attention to detail that made its predecessor a fan favorite.

But there's also going to be an increased focus on multiplayer. This isn't surprising, given that Grand Theft Auto Online made Take Two a pile of money. It's going to be interesting to see how Rockstar integrates this ambitious multiplayer ambition with their impressive ability to craft compelling, atmospheric worlds for the single player experience.

The Good

According to an announcement on PlayStation's blog, the partnership is focused on the multiplayer elements of the game. This means that PS4 players will be getting first access to certain online content in Red Dead Redemption 2.

In addition, fans who enjoyed the original Red Dead Redemption on PS3 will be able to re-live their adventures on current generation hardware, as Red Dead Redemption is slated to drop soon on PlayStation Now.

The Bad

The practice of locking content exclusively for users of a particular console is not well looked on by the gaming public, who don't like to be denied access to game content because the company that produced their choice of console didn't make a specific marketing deal.

The Ugly

The details of this agreement raise a few unsettling questions about the shape of things to come with regards to Red Dead Redemption 2. So far, the brief teaser trailer and press announcements have kept things cagey, and revealed little about what gameplay will be like, or about playable characters.

Just how multiplayer-focused is the game going to be? Will it harm the rich single-player experience that has become Rockstar's signature strength? Just how extensive in scope will the platform-exclusive content be? How long will Xbox One users have to wait to get their hands on this platform-locked content? Only time will tell.


Are you worried about console exclusive content for Red Dead Redemption 2?

[Source: PlayStation]


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