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PlayStation VR launched today, a brand new frontier in the world of gaming and technological advancements. But is it perhaps too advanced?

Virtual reality is still very new and takes some getting used to. You'd think that we'd be naturals at it, since we exist already in reality. But the virtual part isn't quite something our brains understand right away. Deep down we still have caveman brains, a bundle of survival instincts that got us through evolution but aren't really useful in modern times, like how we still get motion sickness in cars or flinch when being tickled.

"When instinct takes over..."
"When instinct takes over..."

In fact, there's an entire subreddit devoted to virtual reality reactions, because it's so entertaining to watch people exist in both worlds simultaneously. But horror games can get quite dangerous when you get scared and long dormant instincts take over, propelling you far away from the dangerous situation...except oops you're in your living room wearing a cord and you just ran into your wall.

Doctors are even warning that virtual reality could have harmful effects on our health.

It's definitely cool, but like 3D TVs, it's not exactly necessary. The cost is high, but early adopters know a thing or two about paying premiums for the hottest new thing and there's a certain brag-worthiness about being the first to have something fun. Time will only tell what virtual reality does to us, much like cell phone research. Just remember to pay attention to the small text in the demo video:

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