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Are you on the fence regarding ? I mean, are you interested in investing in the emerging and exciting that, if utilized correctly, could revolutionize the gaming industry and entertainment as we know it?

If yes, you more than likely already own an , , or one of the various headsets competing for your forehead, and have been sampling their nausea-aiding wares for some time now. But due to the lack of truly killer apps for VR, you may only have it noted down as an expensive gimmick. But it could be so much more!

PlayStation VR: One Of 2016's Greatest Inventions?

A notion Time Magazine have picked up on as they went and voted PS VR as one of the 25 best inventions of 2016, nestled right in between soccer fields that literally fit anywhere and a vape pen that reduces pain with cannabis oil. So Time thinks it to be pretty vital then.

Here's what the publication had to say about PS VR.

In order to access the most cutting-edge virtual reality, people typically have to shell out thousands of dollars—not just for a headset (like the $800 HTC Vive), but for a computer that’s powerful enough to support it. Sony’s PlayStation VR, by contrast, is designed to work with a console that millions of people already own: the PlayStation 4.

That’s a boon for gamers in search of what Sony engineer Richard Marks calls “the most intense, most extreme” action, as well as casual consumers, who now have an easier way to experience VR.

As it currently stands, VR is a bandwagon that may not be worth jumping on just yet. As mentioned earlier, there is a lack of an app that immediately demands your wallet, some of the games are making people ill, it's still pretty pricey (PS VR bundle costs $500) and will have your living room looking like an Indiana Jones set in seconds.

But think of VRs potential outside of the home. Think of journeying to the bottom of the ocean with a class in high school; operating on digital cadavers in medical school; teaching people basic driving skills without frustrating the roads! Yeah, the games may not be there just yet, but I cannot wait to explore Mars, or simply just space, from the comfort of my own sofa and VR headset.

I hope that becomes a virtual reality! Don't you?

Source: [Time]


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