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Rejoice fans of the Pokémon universe, for Brock and Misty have returned to the series with a new and updated look. We have already seen Ash's facelift, which seemed to add some more youthful touches to his facial features, rearranging his cheek lines ever so slightly. But what do the other two members of the original trio look like now?

It's been quite a while since we last saw Brock and Misty appear in a Pokémon anime episode. The animators for this new series, Sun & Moon, have opted for a much smoother style with a lot of emphasis being placed on lighting. Drawing mixed reactions from fans, it has resulted in a brighter and more vibrant aesthetic. So how will that affect the appearances of fan favorites Brock and Misty?

Both characters will be appearing in upcoming episodes set to air (in Japan) on September 14 and 21. The premise behind their return to the series is based on Ash returning to Kanto for a school project he has been assigned. There, he will bump into his old companions and rekindle their long lasting friendship.

Mayumi Lizuka, the voice actress for Misty, is delighted to be returning to the show after such a long absence. The character she will be returning to is quite a bit different to the one she left two seasons ago.

The characters all have noticeably polished look to them. Their overall eye size and shape has been reduced and the structure of their face has been slightly modified to add a more human element. Their mouth movements have also been altered to resemble something more lifelike, rather than the somewhat triangular shaped movements we saw in the early series. This progression was expected, with it being 20 years since the show originally aired.

The Pokémon Sun & Moon games were some of Nintendo's fastest selling titles of all time, clocking up more than 14.6 million sales worldwide by the end of 2016.

[Credit: Twitter/@hituhashi_Pokem]
[Credit: Twitter/@hituhashi_Pokem]

We won't have to wait long now to see the return of Brock and Misty to the Pokémon world. Their new look has certainly caught the attention of many but we feel it was an update that was necessary. You just can't stick to those clunky retro animations in the modern day. The smoother and slightly more human looking visuals are a great improvement that we hope will be welcomed by those who tune in!

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