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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

It looks as if it's not only our news feeds, public spaces and nightmares that have been consumed by the Presidential race; Pokémon has got political, too. Nintendo's video game series is the latest to jump onto the satirical bandwagon, whilst we we're all steadily digging holes in our backyards, ready for Trump's nuclear holocaust.

You know Pokémon Sun and Moon's kinda cute yet fairly menacing Yungoos & Gumshoos, those rodent-looking, snarly 'mons? Good, well do you reckon they look anything like Republican candidate Donald Trump? Because you know what... they really do (it's the hair and the eyes, right?). And the internet has been saying that for a wee while now.

But despite the startling similarities between both animals, you may be shocked to hear that it wasn't The Pokémon Company's idea to have one of their child-friendly monsters resemble the warmongering, lying, sexual-assaulting bozo of a presidential candidate.

In an interview with Game Informer, Poke-producer Junichi Masuda was in an upbeat mood regarding the Trumpiziation of Pokémon:

"It’s a very American-centric question I think and actually a lot of people sent me comparison photos on Twitter pointing out the resemblance. But we had started the design of this Pokémon a long time back, and we didn’t have any intention to make it look like Donald Trump."

But... it kinda does, for better or for worse and has made many a person laugh. So I guess, in some roundabout way, Trump has managed to make Pokémon even greater just through the power of his face.

I mean... COME ON!

Who would you rather trap in a Pokéball? Trump or Gumshoos?


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