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Opening a pack of Pokémon cards should be an exciting surprise. There's an intoxicating suspense in wondering whether your chosen pack will contain an ultra rare card or a junk one hardly worth its 'rare' symbol. For me personally, it's more fun than using the card itself.

However, all of that joy can be ripped away from those buying the latest 'Sun & Moon' booster packs, as people have found a fool-proof method for discovering which packs contain the ultra rare and holo cards.

People are doing their best to raise awareness of the problem so that The Pokémon Company does something about this issue, but they are yet to make a statement.

How to find the rarest Pokemon cards without even opening the packs

This video by maxmoefoePokemon outlines the issue and how booster boxes can be exploited. In it, he shows that there's a pattern to be found in untampered boxes of the english 'Sun & Moon' booster backs.

When a pack with a holo or ultra/secret rare is found, the next two packs will contain normal rare cards, then the following one will again have a better-than-rare card. This pattern is repeated throughout the box.

It is also likely that there's another pattern within this, which is that the special packs should alternate between holo, and ultra/secret rare.

Why shouldn't I buy single / loose boosters?

[Credit: The Pokemon Company]
[Credit: The Pokemon Company]

Essentially, this means people can very easily find all the packs that contain the rarest cards and, more importantly, all those that don't contain anything of value. The special packs can be opened and the rare cards kept or sold, while the others can be sold as full-price packs with sellers safe in the knowledge that they won't be giving away valuable cards.

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Imagine seeing a box of boosters in a shop, and it doesn't contain a single decent card because someone has tampered with it. Or if you were trading cards and booster packs with others and someone was giving away packs of junk cards with no risk.

The same goes for online loose packs too. Since you don't know whether the sellers have used this system or not, you may end up getting mostly bad packs and maybe a holo or two so as not to raise suspicion.

To put things simply, this system is seriously broken and needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. The Pokémon Company may have a lot to answer for.

Don't worry, it's not all bad in the Pokémon World at the moment. Take a look at the trailer for the 'Sun & Moon' series:

Have you experienced anything odd with the newest set of Pokémon trading cards? What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below!

[Credit: The Pokémon Company, maxmoefoePokemon]


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