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When the news broke that Pokemon's main video game developer, Game Freak, was hiring for a new position, the internet flooded with rumors as to what the new position would be. The elusive position was revealed to be for someone who would want to work on a "globally popular RPG" which will be released on game consoles.

Obviously this immediately caught my interest: a console RPG made by the developers of Pokémon? But then I had to stop and really revel in the fact that it was a console game. There have not been many Pokémon games for console, and this could mark new territory for both Game Freak and Nintendo. Could it be true? The main guys behind the Pokémon video game franchise are looking for someone to join them on a temporary contract to work on a new console based role playing game.

'Pokémon Stars' Confirmed?

The job description advertises for a 3D CG designer who is capable of working on, "characters, monsters and items" for a "title that everyone knows." Another advert was been posted which states that the company are looking for character designers who have experience in creating models for the Wii U and PS Vita.

These two job postings strongly suggest that there will be a new Nintendo Switch RPG on its way in the near future and it's becoming fairly obvious that it will be linked to the Pokémon series. It's been a long time since a Pokémon was released for a console. The immensely popular Pokemon Coliseum was one that many fans can recall with fond memories, but there have been surprisingly few lately.

Rumors previously circulated about a director's cut version of Pokémon Sun and Moon being created for Nintendo Switch. It was suggested that this would be titled Pokémon Stars. This news doesn't quite confirm that Pokémon Stars is coming, but it sure looks like it at this point.

New Games For Switch

The Switch has been selling really well. Much better than expected. So naturally this has been met with an increased demand for new and exclusive Switch content and games. Considering how limited the number of titles are on Switch, every new game announcement is going to be met with enthusiasm from fans. As amazing as Breath of the Wild is, there's only so long that one game can entertain you for.

A new Pokémon title would definitely help boost this excitement level and could potentially move even more consoles. Games for home consoles have been the sore spot in an otherwise impressive repertoire of Pokémon games. Considering the hybrid nature of the Switch, it would be a unique opportunity to move Pokémon to home console, but also keep the portability that usually exists in the genre.

It should be noted that the position was advertised on a third party website ( rather than the traditional careers page on the developers website. Similar ads are in place on Game Freak's website but none that match the description on Indeed. Game Freak has worked on console games before, releasing the likes of HarmoKnight and Tembo the Badass Elephant. No Pokémon game has ever escaped the Nintendo realm, and it will more than likely stay like that thanks to the success of the Switch so far. We sure hope another Pokemon game is on the way!

Would you buy a Pokémon for the Switch? Do you think the new title is 'Pokémon Stars'?


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