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Lifetip: Pokérus is fatal to humans, but those sweet 2x EVs are worth it.
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I'd be lying if I said I expected The Pokemon Company to release another free mobile game that wasn't Pokemon GO 2, but here we are with Pokémon Duel—now available to download on iOS and Android phones. If you were as unprepared for its release as I, you may be looking for some guidance on how to play Pokémon Duel, as it hits North American and European markets after appearing in Japan as 'Pokémon Comaster'.

Here is our definitive Pokémon Duel guide, detailing advanced strategies and tricks that will help you win more and become the very best.

'Pokémon Duel' Guide: Beginner Tips, Tricks & Info

Collecting your rewards:

There are a few different ways of earning a reward:

  • Just by starting the game
  • Daily missions
  • Special missions
  • Practice challenges

Some rewards earned don't simply add to your inventory, though. To earn rewards you need to head into the messages tab, select your unopened messages and choose 'collect'.

Daily & Special Missions:

Each day, 3 Daily Missions become available. Beating a mission will give you one of these rewards:

  • Gems x25
  • Gems x20
  • Gems x10
  • Rare Metal C x1
  • AI Tickets x5
  • Coins x3000
  • 'Special Wheel' Spin

After completing 10 of the daily challenges you get access to a Special Mission (active for 24 hours), which after completion allows you to spin the Special Wheel. These are the possible prizes:

  • Gems x70
  • Gems x30
  • Rare Metal UC x1
  • Ingot UC x4
  • Booster Ticket x1

Uncleared missions will be replaced at 09:00:00 UTC.

Before you take on challenges:

Instead of heading straight into the practice challenges, make sure you check the requirements to earn the maximum reward. Completing all of them first time will give you more gems.

No redoing moves:

As soon as you have made a move there's no going back. So far there isn't a redo button, so think carefully before you move or attack.

Super-effective moves:

Simply put, there's no such thing as super-effective moves in Pokémon Duel. Elemental types do not affect battles, so don't worry about sending your Torchic out against a Mudkip.

Upgrade your attacks:

By combining Pokémon and blue cubes in the fusion tab of the home screen, you can level up which allows you to improve the chances of landing on favorable moves and decrease the miss zones.

'Pokémon Duel' Guide: How To Win More Games

Ok, so now you've got the basics down you want to take it to the next level and learn how to beat the tougher online opponents? Here are some of the best Pokemon Duel battle strategies you'll want to learn:

Move priority:

You'll notice some moves have different colors on the attacking spin wheel, and they're not all equal. Here's a breakdown of what does what:

  • White - Lower priority against all moves but other white ones. In the case of two white moves, the higher number wins.
  • Red - Miss. As long as the opponent gets any damage off, you lose.
  • Blue - Priority over white and purple moves, but not gold. These moves block and protect.
  • Purple - Priority over white but not blue or gold. Usually feature a status effect of some sort. With two purple moves the one with the most stars will win, but if they have the same number, nothing will happen.
  • Gold - KOs in every matchup aside from a stronger gold or white move.

Keep this in mind when deciding which attacks to improve when your Pokémon level up.


Rather than risk the luck of the spin, try and trap opponents. If you surround a piece and give it nowhere to go it then it automatically leaves the playing field without being able to attack.

This is fantastically useful for taking down higher level Pokémon.

Spawn blocking

A solid strategy to take advantage of is to try and block the spawns. If the opponent can only send out Pokémon on one side then you have a lot more control of the field and many more easy paths


If your opponent can't perform a move then you win the game without having to occupy their home space. To do this you'll have to block the two spawn points and eliminate all other Pokémon. Not necessarily the easiest thing to do since in such a strong position you may as well go for home, but good to keep in mind.

There are some restrictions on the practice/daily challenges in regards to WaitWin, so be sure to check the requirements.

Manage the opponents' knock out zone:

Both you and your opponent can only have two KO'd Pokémon at any one time, with any other knock outs moving one of the two back to the bench.

It's important to consider which Pokémon you want to keep out of the game. If you've managed to knock out a major Pokémon, don't look to fight weaker ones as they'll bring the others back sooner.

Some moves like 'Curse' can send Pokémon out of the game regardless of the KO-bench system, so maybe try and use a Banette to eliminate those major threats if you can.

'Pokémon Duel' Guide: Best Teams & Combinations To Use


With Weavile's ability Team Play, attacks get stronger by 20 for each Weavile in play. You can only have a maximum of 3 of each Pokémon in your team, but +40 attack power is definitely going to set you off with a major advantage.

Combine it with 3 Yveltals to get your dark team of destruction. Yveltal has a two-star purple move which boosts all dark Pokémon's moves until it leaves the field.


Using Pokémon that can jump over opponents' pieces is invaluable in Pokémon Duel. It can enable you to trap and spawn block a lot more easily, as well as making your pieces highly dangerous around the enemy's home space.

Ghost Team

Essentially the same principle as the above team, some ghost type pocket monsters can pass through other pieces. Very useful in messing up opponents' practiced battle plans.

To combat this team, you can use Gardevoir EX as it has an ability which stops Pokémon with Infiltrator, Shadow or Gaseous Form from passing through it.

Prefer Pokémon GO? Here are the latest Pocket Monster additions in the hit mobile game:

Have you played Pokémon Duel yet? Any killer strategies of your own? Let me know in the comments below!

[Credit: The Pokémon Company, IGN, Heavy]


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