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By now you already know that the second generation of Pokémon from Gold & Silver is here. The update dropped last evening and naturally Pokéfans around the world took to social media to post their findings – I already caught Meganium, be jealous!

With the update came many changes and answers to some of our questions: yes, there is a trick for the new Eevee Evolutions and it's exactly what we thought it was going to be, baby have been found in the wild, and should you use them, many third party trackers have adapted to the new changes.

To put simply there's much to love with this new update, there's even new music depending on the time of day you're playing, but like every Pokémon GO update before it, fans always have their opinions on what works and what doesn't.

1. What They Changed

As stated before, there were several changes in the Johto Update besides more Pokémon:

2. What People Liked?

[Credit: Niantic]
[Credit: Niantic]

Well first off you know what we all loved: new Pokémon! As soon as the announcement went live all of my social media became all about Pokémon GO and Gen 2. "Who caught what where?" "How much candy do you need to evolve that Pokémon?" "Was I the first to figure how the new evolutions worked?!" Etc. Social media was blazing with Pokéfever.

The other features universally well received are the new music and the new clothing options along with catching Togetic out in the wild. Who wouldn't want that?!

3. What People Didn't Like?

[Credit: Nintendo & The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: Nintendo & The Pokémon Company]

Unfortunately, while few, and not as vocal on social media (surprisingly) there were changes that were disliked.

There were plenty of people both on my social media and around the internet who thought the prices for the new clothes are ridiculous. If you want to buy a shirt with your team's logo on it for your avatar you'd be set back 500 PokéCoins.

Reactions to the evolution items were mixed, at least among my group, as we agreed they were an interesting addition to the game, but the scarcity of the evolution items ruins it. Maybe make them available for purchase with PokéCoins?

Of course what's most annoying is the increased movement of wild Pokémon. When you're trying to catch them, now Pokémon can move the the left or right of the screen. This makes the new Nanab Berry all the more necessary but just like evolution items, they're rare.

Oh, and of course the new update caused the servers to crash.

4. Are These Changes For Better Or Worse?

[Credit: Niantic]
[Credit: Niantic]

This is what I feared more than anything. Certain Pokémon now require specific items in order to reach the desired evolved forms.

Evolution Items:

  • Pros: It's closer to how Pokémon evolve in the original games. Pokémon didn't just evolve with candy or reaching right level but some Pokémon required special items like Sun Stones to evolve. Not to mention those who got bored with the Kanto Pokémon after completing their regional Pokédex will have to work even harder to evolve all their Pokémon helping to prolong the experience.
  • Cons: The only way to currently acquire these evolution items is through rare finds at PokéStops. So now even if you put through all the effort to acquire necessary number of candy to evolve you won't be able to do so without the required items.

Baby Pokémon In The Wild:

  • Pros: While still a rare find, it's potentially easier to find these Pokémon rather than hatching eggs.
  • Cons: Surprisingly, I came across fans that wanted the Baby Pokémon to remain in eggs to enhance the diversity of ways to acquire Pokémon such as make certain Pokémon available in the wild, others evolution only, the babies just from eggs. I say that's a fair argument.

Pokémon Have Greater Movement Range When Trying To Catch Them:

  • Pros: Adds more of a challenge for those who keep complaining, "it's too easy." (why?!) Gives a use for Nanab Berries.
  • Cons: This is annoying. There was no need for this, ever try and catch a wild Golbat?! –it sucks. I'm sorry, this issue is one-sided to me.

Avatar Clothes:

Unless you really want these new clothes for your avatar you may have to stop and ask yourself, "do I really need that virtual Instinct shirt that I already bought in real life?" Chances are probably not. I recommend taking advantage of the half price Pokémon Storage increase lasting through the end of the month or Lure Modules that will last six hours as an extension of the Valentine's Event ending February 18th.

Overall, it looks Niantic took a big step forward in the right direction with Pokémon GO. With the servers shutting down to player activity and plenty of trainers wanting these new avatar clothes I'm sure Niantic is rolling in money.

[Credit: Nintendo & The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: Nintendo & The Pokémon Company]


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