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Pokémon GO may no longer be in its heyday, but that doesn't mean folks aren't still playing it. Some people may have stopped by now but others are still going strong, especially with the recent announcement of new features to come.

Whether you're still a GO addict, you're starting to grow tired of it but still give it a "go" every now and then, or you're completely finished with the whole goddamn thing, you've no doubt experienced some frustrations throughout the course of your "GO time." In fact, if there's one thing Pokémon GO players all over the world can commiserate over like comrades in arms, it's just how frustrating Pokémon GO can be at times.

Here are the top nine most frustrating moments for Pokémon GO players everywhere.

1. Only having 0.1 km to go on an egg... and reaching your destination.

You'd been SO sure it'd hatch before you got there, right? Right? And no amount of phone shaking is gonna make that suckah hatch, so you can either take another walk around the block or procrastinate till tomorrow.

2. Finally managing to hatch that 10 km egg... and it's an Eevee.

You already have two Eevees! I mean sure, the guy's cute and all, but you can find them everywhere! Why couldn't you have gotten a Lapras or something?!

3. All your flipping eggs are 2 km!!1!11

You can only have nine eggs... but eight of them are 2 km! As if you'll get anything good from those! All you wanna do is get rid of them so you can try for a 10 km...

4. When you finally come across a rare Pokémon ...and it runs away.

You couldn't believe your eyes when you saw it, but there's a super, ultra-rare Pokémon just around the corner! You toss your Pokéball, hoping and praying and willing...! And of course it escapes. Because why wouldn't it?

5. When you say to hell with it and try to catch one of those stupid common Pokémon that are literally everywhere... and IT runs away!

Another Rattata. Another Pidgey. Another Caterpie. Finally, you give in and decide to catch one of the damn things just because. Then? As if laughing in your face, it escapes! You must have the worst luck in the world!

6. When you get an excellent throw... and the Pokémon STILL gets away!

You toss off what was probably the best throw of your life, and the game even rewards you with a pat on the back! Then? The friggin' thing escapes just to wipe that smug little grin off your face!

7. Winning a gym battle... only to have someone sneak in and take over the gym before you can!

You did it! You won! The gym is yours! ...or so you thought?! Before you can so much as slap your Pokémon down on that recently vacated throne, someone else has snatched it up right out from under you! Monster!

8. Taking over a gym... only for your Pokémon to be defeated less than five seconds later!

You did it! You won! The gym is yours! And this time you even managed to claim the suckah for yourself before anyone else could wriggle their way in. You've even picked the perfect Pokémon for the job! No one'll ever-...! Oh. Well. That didn't last long...

9. Finding the Pokémon you've been searching for... only to have your phone lose its signal!

It's the Pokémon you've been longing for! The Pokémon you've been dreaming about! Just down that alleyway! But just as you're about to nab the coveted Poké-morsel for yourself, the signal goes out on your phone! Can you hear me now?

Experienced any of these yourself? Any other Pokémon GO frustrations that have you seeing red? Let us know in the comments!


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