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As with any game, Pokémon GO boasts its own individual take on video game glitches. But there's something unique about this massive hit's blunders.

Gamers around the world have noticed GO placing two Pokémon on the same location at the same time. Most of the time this results in a mess of colors, but other times this glitch has created some truly horrifying creations. Niantic are still in the process of creating tons of new Pokémon, but I really hope they don't look to these nightmares for inspiration.

Pokémon GO Glitches Immortalized As Art

Check out Pokémon GO's honest trailer below for all the lolz.

This all seems to have kicked off thanks to the work of Brachy Zoid over on Twitter, who took other player's monsters and made them look like real concept art. Let's meet the frankenstein pokémon.

This Looks Sore

Oh look, guys! It's Weedle ploughing through the face of an Oddish. How cute...

Looking Good Rattata

Pigeons are no longer the rats of the sky, this thing is.

It Sucks To Be A Magikarp

Imagine seeing this Staryu in battle. Throughout the fight you'd be forced to listen to the horrifying screams of the crushed Magikarp.

Just Dance!

Maaaaan, that hairstyle is incredible! I'm insanely jealous. So much more style than Travolta could ever have!

Taking Mind Control To New Levels

What do we think, have Psyduck's abilities been increased thanks to the Dodrio? Or are they now in control of it like Alfred Molina's Doc Ock arms in Spider-Man 2?

Please Help It

The Last of Us meets Pokémon and it's just as ugly as we thought it would be. Please help my eyes.

Inspired by Brachy's content, as noticed by Kotaku, other artists started having fun with the glitchy nightmares.


Why did DavidSzilagyi make this? I mean...why?


So dark, man...

Go crazy, Internet

The internet saw, and the internet had fun:

Inspiring people.

What do you think of these nightmarish Pokémon?


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