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Recently Pokemon Go held its first large event, Pokemon Go Fest. The event all-in-all was a massive failure, as players had connection issues and many of the planned events flopped entirely. However, this paid off for all the players unable to attend Pokemon Go Fest. The developers at Niantic decided they needed to keep players happy after their plans failed to please and it resulted in the legendary finally making their debut, more than a year after the game's initial release.

Level 5 Raids Arrive Bringing The Legends!

The first two legendary Pokemon to be made available were the Legendary Bird of Ice, Articuno, and the highly popular star of the second Pokemon movie (Pokémon: The Movie 2000), Lugia. Obtained through the new raid system recently added to the game, the legendary Pokemon are now the toughest of them all at level 5. However, Niantic has recently revealed this is only for a limited time! While no word has been given on how long Lugia will be available for players to catch, Articuno has been confirmed to vanish on July 31. This means their is only a matter of days left to obtain it.

Now For Some Good News...

Both the Legendary Birds of Fire and Electricity, Moltres and Zapdos, are next to arrive. Moltres will follow after Articuno, starting to appear from July 31onwards. But, like Articuno, it will only be around temporarily. It will only be appearing until August 7, which will be the same day the final member of the Legendary Birds will arrive, Zapdos. Yep, you also guessed it: This Pokemon is only going to be available for seven days and is set to vanish on August 14.

What About The Other Legendary Pokemon?

We have not had any words if the Legendary Dogs, Suicune, Entei and Raikou, will follow on from the Legendary Birds. Likewise their is no indication on when Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, Mew or Celebii will be appearing either. It is highly likely however that both Mew and Celebii will be event only Pokemon, much like how they are treated in the series of Pokemon games. With the legendary Pokemon now appearing in dribs-and-drabs it is likely we will get word soon enough about what players can expect next and when.


Have you managed to capture Lugia or Articuno yet?


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