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Pokémon GO has been hemorrhaging users after removing the tracking system that shipped with the game back in Summer of 2016. But has been fighting to win them back with the Halloween event, the new daily and weekly bonuses, and the Thanksgiving event that's slated to begin November 23.

After a new tracking system launched in San Francisco, there was hope for Pokémon GO again and it seems our faith is now being rewarded. Niantic has announced that they are expanding the tracking system to a number of new areas:

  • In the US: All states west of the Mississippi River (except Hawaii and Alaska)
  • In Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the western half of Ontario.
  • In Australia: All states and territories

This is obviously huge news, as the new Nearby feature will once again give some trainers the ability to hunt down Pokémon instead of just hoping to stumble upon them.

"Our first six months has been nothing short of exciting and your continued support has been inspiring. We have a lot of content, features, and functionality that we will be implementing over the coming months and years. Our goal is to to always improve on existing features where we can while also releasing exciting new content and functionality."

Niantic seems to be much more receptive to feedback and is actively looking to put more functionality into the game. But, is it too late?

Will this get you playing Pokémon GO again?


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