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Following swiftly on from the introduction of the new Pokemon GO buddy system, Niantic is already promising us more updates for Pokémon GO, including trading systems and the introduction of Pokémon GO to Android Wear devices.

But something even more interesting comes in the form of a potential one-on-one battling system. Real time combat to spice up your daily commute!

Pokemon GO One-On-One Battle System?

Speaking with TechCrunch, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that he got the idea from his 10 year-old-son and it is certainly something the studio is considering pursuing in the near future.

I have 10 year old son – he's my Pokémon expert, we play together – he wants to battle his friends in Pokémon Go. Battling is something we talk a lot about. It's probably something that will make its way onto our roadmap.

Combat is already a big part of Pokémon GO, however this combat is limited only to gyms and sees one player take on a pre-set Pokémon left by another. The new combat system would hopefully allow for players to square off in real time, outside of gyms.

Despite a decrease in paying customers, Niantic still plan to evolve the Pokémon GO platform and diversify the gameplay even more. The CEO went onto state that the implantation of trading, one-on-one battle and more accessory compatibility is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

I think it will change substantially over the years. If you want to predict the future, you can look at the past. A lot of what we're doing with Pokémon, we learned through three years of hard work with Ingress and building up that community around the world, maturing that technology, the social aspect of it, the group gameplay, and the events for Ingress are really the lifeblood of that game. I think you can expect to see things like that in Pokémon Go.

Pokemon GO: Get up and GO

What do you think is missing from Pokémon GO? Will one-on-one battle be a good addition?

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