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Pokémon GO was a weird phenomenon over the summer, it blew up to the point of surpassing Twitter in Daily Active Users, then just kinda vanished. All of the splendor and hype just kinda died with the tracker.

But now, five months later, the folks at are back at it again with the latest update, this time bringing in 8 new pre-evolution Pokémon to ring in Gen 2. But is it too late for the mobile game?

You took too long, Ditto, you took too long.
You took too long, Ditto, you took too long.

Long story short, yes. Very few people play the game any more, and the people that do are so beyond over-powered compared to people that are just starting out, it's impossible to start over and have a fighting chance at any gyms.

Most of the internet has also moved on to the latest and greatest memes and fads, and left Pokémon GO, much like Dat Boi or Prehistoric Spongebob, in the dust.

The biggest problem Pokémon GO is still facing is that, despite all of the problems Niantic has fixed, we are still yet to see a legendary event. Players are filling their Pokédexes left and right, but Niantic still won't release the legendaries (or get rid of region-locked Pokémon, which is a whole other problem). Even though players do now have a few more new Pokémon to keep them on their toes, most people that still play will find them within a week.


However, that's not to say the game couldn't redeem itself, but it's still just not very likely. Unless Niantic can somehow prove to the internet that Pokémon GO is worth the storage space on our iPhones, most people will be waiting for Super Mario Run. All of their previous attempts, including adding in Daily Bonuses, Adding Ditto, Adding some Gen 2 Pokemon, fixing the tracker (or changing it at least) a Halloween Event, and now a Christmas Event, have all come short of bringing it back to its former glory of 50 million daily active users.


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